Monday, September 9, 2013

Party Like a Rockstar!

We've switched to an every-other-year-you-can-have-a-friend-party policy, and this was Isabella's year to party! As usual, a lot of thought and deliberation went into what kind of party she wanted, and she finally settled on a rockstar theme. I thought that would be easy enough, but the prep turned out to be a tad more stressful than I anticipated (read: procrastinator), but that's okay! That's just the way I roll when it comes to parties, I've decided.

We made some fun homemade invitations together, and she had a ball delivering them. She was so thrilled when everyone on her party list was able to come, and boy did her girlfriends arrive looking fabulous! It was so fun to see each one of them walk through the door. I felt a little bad that my own girl wasn't a little more decked out, but she didn't seem to mind! The day before the party I ran to Target to try and find something rockstar-ish for her to wear, but unfortunately she wasn't with me, and didn't like what I brought home one bit. (My baby's all grown up with STRONG fashion opinions of her own!) Luckily, she remembered a sparkly/shimmery dress she had in her closet and was happy to wear that.

And it was really cute when a few of her friends knocked on our door a few hours before the party with some pink and blue washable hair dye. We sprayed some of that in her hair and called it good. I had expected to do the girls' hair as one of the activities for the party, but they came with some pretty rockin' hair, so there was no need for that! I did have fun braiding some sparkly string into each girl's hair, though, and they seemed to love, love it. Girls are so fun!

IMG_0979Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1061Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1071Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1087Isabella's8thBday2013

Karaoke was another activity on the agenda, and I actually tried to start out with that, but everyone was feeling much too bashful. I should've waited until the end of the party--maybe they would have went for it after they'd warmed up to one another a little more. Instead we hit the nail polish. Some girls wanted help, others didn't. They seemed to have a good time with that.

IMG_1048Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1049Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1052Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1054Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1055Isabella's8thBday2013

While Rise and I braided hair, the rest of the party went outside to play until it was their turn. Will took the camera and supervised the outside play, and was really impressed with one party guest, Savannah, who organized a bunch of games for the girls to play on the tramp. Thank you, Savannah!

IMG_1093Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1102Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1109Isabella's8thBday2013

Next we had a little dance party. I had each girl pick a dance move, and then we strung them all together and probably practiced it 3 or 4 times and then recorded it. Here's the recording.


I'm pretty sure I made a fool out of myself, but it was so fun to dance with them! That was probably my favorite part of the party!

IMG_1115Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1117Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1123Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1124Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1126Isabella's8thBday2013

Lastly, the pinata! Isabella started everyone out, and we actually got through all the girls and then back to Bella when it finally busted open. CANDY! It never disappoints.

IMG_1239Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1246Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1247Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1256Isabella's8thBday2013

We topped the party off with some singing, cake-eating and presents. When everyone left, I was a little worried about whether they had a good time or not, but I'm comforted as I look through these pictures. I think everyone had a great time! I know my girl did. Happy Birthday, Rockstar!

IMG_1303Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_1302Isabella's8thBday2013


  1. Love the photos! I'd been wondering how that cute party went. It looks like it was a huge hit!! Such cute rockstar girls!

  2. How fun! What a super cute party!

  3. Looks like a super fun party to me!

  4. Macy had SO much fun! Thanks for thinking of her. She really loves your family.




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