Friday, September 6, 2013

The Annual Lake House Reunion

Every year we meet up with Will's mom's side of the family at the lake house for a day. It's always so fun...wonderful people, sweet setting and delicious eats. My kids are always in heaven, and right off the bat, spend a lot of time in the pool. They are each making such improvements in the water. I meant to sign them up for swimming lessons this summer, but I just couldn't squeeze it into our schedule. When I do sign them up next, I'm going to just keep them in until they can swim. I know I will sleep a lot better at night when these kiddos can hold their own in the water, that's for sure.

In fact, on this very day, I had to jump in the pool fully-clothed, with my camera on my back, because Juliette fell into the pool. I was watching her from the other side of the room while in the middle of a conversation, when I noticed that she was trying to step inside an inner-tube. Of course, seeing that she was standing on one foot on one of the pool steps, she lost her balance, and in she went. I flew into that pool! I will never forget the look on her face...totally terrified, or how grateful I was that I could grab her so quick. Luckily, she being the daring, fearless little one that she is, she got right back in the water. Sigh. I hate it when stuff like that happens, though. Lots of "what ifs" started running through my head. Blah.

So, that was a tangent! Onto the fun stuff.

Like I said, the kids love the pool (especially when it's loaded with lots of playmates)! It's actually a lap pool, so they drove us adults crazy with turning on and off the jets.

IMG_0465NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0512NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0470NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0528NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0483NuttallFamilyReunion2013

After some pool time, a bunch of us went out on the boat. It's always fun to watch the kids get pulled around. Grandpa was very sweet and went super slow when Liam was on, since he's still quite nervous about the whole idea. To even get him out there took a lot of coaxing. I promised him that he wouldn't fall off the tube because Grandpa would be going so slow, and felt TERRIBLE when the tube popped and he did fall off! We were all shocked. Between the tube deflating, and a big wave, he and Aunt Jessica got majorly debunked. I was so grateful Jessica was out there to hold and comfort him. With tears in his eyes, the first thing he said when get got back in the boat was, "you promised me!"

Awful, awful. I'm going to have to be more careful about the promises I make! Although, I do think in the long run it was good for him to fall off so he could realize that he is okay and the life jacket will hold him. Again, water and children! It stresses me out! haha

Next it was time to eat and do more socializing. After everyone was sufficiently stuffed, we did some fun lawn games... my personal favorites were watching the water balloon fights, and Will's expressions during the potato sack races. He is such a fun guy to have around. Always making me laugh, and always up for drenching people in water, that's for sure!
IMG_0541NuttallFamilyReunion2013 NuttallReunion2013-5 IMG_0542NuttallFamilyReunion2013 NuttallReunion2013-4 IMG_0543NuttallFamilyReunion2013 NuttallReunion2013-3 IMG_0549NuttallFamilyReunion2013 NuttallReunion2013-2 IMG_0578NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0585NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0590NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0597NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0605NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0607NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0614NuttallFamilyReunion2013 IMG_0616NuttallFamilyReunion2013 NuttallReunion2013-1 IMG_0580NuttallFamilyReunion2013

So, that about sums up another fabulous Nuttall Family Reunion. Until next year!


  1. I love this post! I love the pictures and I loved reading about it. Its so very cool to read from your perspective and to hear your voice when I read them!




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