Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Will's Roommate Reunion in Rexburg

I was plain lame in the picture-taking department while we were in Rexburg, ID for a roommate reunion with Will's old college buddies. I was so happy to be there, but I think the drive there sucked the life out of me. I don't know, but I do regret not getting more pictures of Will and his friends because it was such a fun reunion, and I loved being back in Rexburg. Luckily, I was able to steal a picture from Facebook of Will and his buddies standing in front of their old apartment. By the looks of it, not a lot has changed to those apartments, although the BYU-Idaho campus was almost unrecognizable to me!


On the first night, we all met up for dinner in the Watt's family backyard in Idaho Falls. It was a gorgeous evening and fun to get reacquainted with everyone. The Watt's home was big enough to accommodate most of us for the night, so we crashed there. I'm pretty sure I went to bed early. Like I said, I was wiped out, hence another picture I snagged off of Facebook:


The next morning we woke up fresh and met up with everyone at Bear World. I still wasn't in the picture-taking mood, so there aren't any pictures of the bears we saw or any of the awesome people we were with, but I finally got my camera out when my kids were riding the kiddy rides. It was pretty sweet because the ride area was really small, so it was very manageable to keep track of the munchkins. And the rides were all kid-friendly enough that they could get in line on their own and go from ride to ride while us adults chatted at the picnic tables in the center of the rides. Everyone loved it!

Bear World was also really fun because my sisters met up with us there. Emma and family (and Lissie) made the drive from Provo so that they could see us for the day, which was super awesome of them! Being able to spend some time with them was definitely a highlight of this trip for me.

IMG_9743Rexburg2013IMG_9682Rexburg2013 IMG_9739Rexburg2013 IMG_9728Rexburg2013 IMG_9696Rexburg2013 IMG_9692Rexburg2013

After Bear World, we headed to BYU-Idaho for a tour of campus. Here is a picture of Will and me at the spot where we were we met up for our first date... which almost didn't work out, but I'm so glad it did! I loved reminiscing about when I first fell in love with this guy. Seems like yesterday, sort of, and I'm more in love than ever. 


And Rexburg now has a temple, which is a definite change since we were there. It was so beautiful. I'm glad I got my camera out for that.


Here are some pictures of my sisters and me somewhere on campus. The frowny faces are for our one sister, Lauren, who couldn't be with us. We missed you, Lu! That evening we had an awesome catered dinner right on campus where we enjoyed a program filled with lots of fun stories, videos and pictures from back in the day. I did a lot of laughing that night! Will and I had the best college experience and have the happiest memories from BYU-Idaho.

IMG_9755Rexburg2013 IMG_9753Rexburg2013 IMG_9746Rexburg2013

After our day in Rexburg, we said our goodbyes to Emma and crew and then headed out to a cabin in Island Park where we stayed for the next two nights. It was great to have all the families staying in the same place, let alone at such a nice cabin courtesy of one of Will's friends. The next day we all toured Yellowstone. Here are some pictures of the kids at Old Faithful. We did a ton of driving that day... Yellowstone is huge! It was fun to see such beautiful landscape and incredible wildlife, even if it did mean spending a lot of time in the car.
  IMG_0242Rexburg2013 Rexburg2013-9 IMG_0226Rexburg2013 IMG_0225Rexburg2013 IMG_0217Rexburg2013 IMG_0216Rexburg2013

That night right before bed, Will took us on an off-roading adventure, which was a little short lived because I'm pregnant and was worried about my unborn babe. But the baby and I survived, and the kids LOVED it.

IMG_0276Rexburg2013 IMG_0273Rexburg2013

That's it. That ends the lamest documentation of our trip. We also got to meet up with Will's brother and wife for a few hours in Rexburg, but yeah, no pics. I did take like five million pictures of the kids playing with their cousins as we were saying goodbye, though, so that will have to be a post in and of itself.


  1. I can't believe how long ago this trip feels. It was so great to see you!! And I'm loving all the blogging you've been doing. You're inspiring me to get my blog-journal together. This is going to be so great printed out!! :)
    Also, our frownie face picture cracks me up!!

  2. So much fun! I didn't know that's why you went to Idaho. My old roommates and I had a reunion once and I was the only who couldn't make it. Boo! Next time for sure!

  3. A picture dedicated just to me!!! haha love it. Wish I could have been there too. Looks like this was such a fun trip!! :)

  4. Looks like a fun and worthwhile trip!

  5. Oh my heck this whole thing makes me so happy!!




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