Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another Season of Lil' Saints Soccer!

We truly enjoyed another season participating in the Lil' Saints soccer league that my friend Randi has put together for the third year in a row. It has exploded, with so many wonderful kids/parents/youth participating... I'm not sure what the exact kid count ended up being this year, but there were 23 coaches (Will included), so that gives you an idea of the size of this operation! It's a really fun atmosphere, and all three of the kids have absolutely loved it. Juliette wasn't old enough to play on a team (next year!), but she loves hanging out on the sidelines with her little friends and getting as dirty as possible in the sand pit. I also really enjoyed both watching the kids from the sidelines and doing some socializing myself! Here are some pictures of each of the kids in action.

Will and our good friend Scott coached Isabella's team again this year, and it was very obvious that she LOVED having her dad as her coach. Will would race home from work to be to the practices/scrimmages on time. Last year, there were many times he'd throw his soccer t-shirt on over his work clothes. This year he managed to throw on some workout clothes in time, but I don't know what to say about the dress socks and cleats--makes me laugh (and cringe!)! Socks and all, I think it was a real bonding experience for them. The only thing Will was bummed about was never getting to watch Liam play. Maybe next year he can take a turn coaching Liam's team.

Isabella made huge improvements this year, and her age group met twice a week. She is a great dribbler and learning to be more aggressive. There is no doubt she does her best and has a competitive little spirit. She loved to win! She had some excellent teammates, and enjoyed being with her friends so, so much.  This girl loves soccer, and I loved watching her!

IMG_3596Soccer2013 IMG_5411Soccer2013BW IMG_3553Soccer2013 IMG_5633Soccer2013 IMG_5443Soccer2013 IMG_5417Soccer2013BW IMG_5280Soccer2013 IMG_5265Soccer2013 IMG_5235Soccer2013

Meanwhile on the sidelines...
Like I mentioned, Juliette was one happy chickadee roaming the sidelines and chatting it up with her friends. The first thing she'd ask me each time we arrived to the field was, "Where are my friends?" There were a couple of evenings when her friends weren't there, and she would have to go make new friends, which she had no problem doing! Such a happy, social butterfly. Can't wait to see her on the field next year!

Soccer2013-1 IMG_5215Soccer2013 IMG_5206Soccer2013

This was Liam's second year playing soccer, and he did incredibly well! My friend Misty and her husband, Phil, were his coaches and they are both amazing soccer players, so we totally scored with them being Liam's coach. Misty went above and beyond, and was truly great with the kids. On one of the few nights I didn't come to soccer, Liam scored his first goal ever, and Misty called me to give me a head's up and let me know how he did that night since I couldn't be there. Such a thoughtful and sweet friend I have! Luckily, Liam made lots more goals throughout the season, so I was able to catch him in action. I loved his reaction every time he scored--he'd get the cutest proud-yet-bashful look on his face and immediately look for me and give me an imaginary high five. So sweet, and I was definitely super proud of him! I'm pretty sure he came away from this season thinking (and telling people) that he was the best on the team. haha. (Doesn't hurt that he was also the oldest and one of the tallest.) Anyway, we've signed him up with an indoor league and he will have his first game on Saturday. I'm excited for him. It seems like he's found something he really loves to do!

IMG_5593Soccer2013 IMG_5191Soccer2013 IMG_5170Soccer2013 IMG_5168Soccer2013 IMG_5162Soccer2013 IMG_5132Soccer2013 IMG_5110Soccer2013 IMG_5102Soccer2013 IMG_5085Soccer2013 IMG_5584Soccer2013 IMG_5576Soccer2013 IMG_5551Soccer2013 IMG_5510Soccer2013 IMG_5507Soccer2013 IMG_5506Soccer2013
And while it is always nice to free up some evenings, I'm already looking forward to another great season next year. A huge thanks to Randi, and all of the other 23-odd coaches who made this possible. We are so grateful!


  1. We had so much fun with Liam! He is a little soccer stud. I will VERY likely steal several of these pictures since Liam and Dallin were often in the same spot! But probably not for another month or so. =)

  2. So cute and fun! I'm excited to see Juliette hit the field next year :)

  3. Cute, cute, cute! I was definitely sad that my boys missed out on Lil' Saints this year. And I know Emma would have loved playing with Juliette on the sidelines. *sigh* This post still makes me smile though!

  4. Go Lil' Saints, and Go Liam! So glad he loves soccer. Uncle B would be so proud of him.

  5. Go Lil' Saints, and Go Liam! So glad he loves soccer. Uncle B would be so proud of him.




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