Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's About Time!


Seeing how my due date is tomorrow, I figure it's about time I write about how we're expecting baby number four! My lack in posting about this has nothing to do with our excitement levels... we talk about this new addition non-stop, and we all pretty much can't wait for him to arrive. I've never known kids to be more excited than mine, which pretty much makes my heart want to burst on a daily basis. It will also be fun to see if he is dark like Liam or more fair like the girls. It's always a toss-up! One thing almost for certain with our genetics: he's going to be a bald little mister. We like our babies that way, though!

Anyway, some things I'd like to remember about this pregnancy are:

1. I had suspicions I was pregnant back in March around the time our family went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico... the trip where I got left behind because my passport had expired. It was quite a depressing and downer weekend for me at home all alone while I waited for my expedited passport to arrive so I could join them. I remember going to Walmart to grab a few things...including a pregnancy test! I figured if I got negative results, the outcome would fit right into my downer weekend; and if my results were positive, then I'd at least have one happy thing to hang on to until I was reunited with my family! I couldn't wait to find out, and so (I'm kind of embarrassed to write this), I took the pregnancy test right in the fancy bathrooms of Walmart itself! It made me so, so thrilled to find out we were pregnant! I'm pretty sure I've never left Walmart beaming before, but I sure was that afternoon.

2. I have had the sneezes throughout this entire pregnancy. It's been the weirdest thing! In fact, I just barely sneezed twice. Who knows if it's really associated with pregnancy, but I am kind of hoping it ends when this baby comes out!


3. I've been incredibly accident prone and clutzy throughout this pregnancy. I'm naturally inclined to a healthy dose of knocking things over and dropping things, but it's hit record-highs these last nine months.

4. When I went to my very first doctor appointment, I was surprised and thrilled to find out they wanted to do an ultrasound that very day and that I'd likely be able to find out the gender. (Obviously, I was in no hurry to go to the doctor and didn't go to my first appointment until about half way through my pregnancy.) I was bummed that Will and the kids weren't there to find out with me, but it was still really fun to tell them when I got home. We'd all been rooting for a boy, so it was happiness all around.  I can't express how much I love that Liam will have a brother, and that I will have another son. The love I have in my heart for my boys is sure something special.

5. All of my married sisters are pregnant right now too... Lauren is also having a boy, and we'll find out in about a week if Emma is having a girl or boy!

6. Just yesterday I had my first false alarm, thinking I was going into labor. You'd think that sort of thing would happen with your first, maybe second child, but no, this is my fourth time around the block. Although I didn't make it so far as the hospital, I did send my kids off to their grandparents to spend the night---oops. Kind of embarrassing.  I really thought it was the real deal. Granted, my water has broken with all three of my previous pregnancies, so I really don't know what it feels like to go into labor without that happening first. I was just feeling extremely crampy with lots of mild contractions all throughout the afternoon and evening. I'd gone to see a chiropractor in the morning, and she'd done accupressure (sp) on me (another first), so I think that just messed with my head and body. I really thought it had worked and was inducing labor! It certainly did get contractions going.


7. With my other pregnancies I always craved healthy stuff--protein, vegetables... not so much with this one. It's been sugar all the way! So weird!

8. We have tossed lots of boy names around but it wasn't until about a month ago that we finally settled and felt completely at peace about a name. Originally we were thinking Christian, which is a name I have always loved and always will love (it's also my brother's name), but Will really likes nicknames, and we just couldn't come up with a nickname other than Chris, and I don't really love the name Chris. And then for a long time, we considered naming him Charles Christian, which I still really like. We intended on only ever calling him Charlie, but with the big boom of little girls being named Charlotte (and going by Charlie for short), I'm a little concerned that the nickname Charlie is becoming more of a feminine name than masculine. I love the name Charlie for both a girl and a boy, but I wanted to be able to fall back on his real name if Charlie didn't work out for us, and I just couldn't see myself calling my son "Charles." So! One afternoon while I was sitting in the doctor's office thumbing through a magazine, I saw the city of Charleston in print, and it caught my eye. Could I name him Charleston? It seemed masculine enough, and I could imagine myself calling a little boy that. I immediately texted all of my sisters to see what they thought. I got mixed reactions.

Emma: "I loooooove, love it!"

Lauren: "I like it!! It goes well with your other names."

Lissie: "Like the dance???"

Lissie's reaction made me laugh. I hadn't thought of that! After talking it over with Will, we decided we didn't like it afterall... too many weird associations... Charleston Chews (a brand of gum--not even good gum!), the Charleston dance step, the Southern city that I don't have any connection to, etc.

While talking with my mom on the phone, I was telling her about how we'd considered Charleston and all our dilemmas, and anyway, I don't remember her opinion on Charleston, but I did get an email from her a few days later that said, "What about Charlton? Like Charlton Heston, the actor that starred in Moses and The Ten Commandments..."

I immediately loved it and sent Will a text asking him what he thought. His response, "I think I like it." (Which is a pretty positive response from him. (He's good at shooting down names. :)))

I got excited and immediately tried coming up with middle names that went with Charlton. Charlton Christian didn't seem to work off my tongue, so I just kept throwing out middle names...most of them really random. At last, I thought of Edwin. Charlton Edwin. Edwin is my grandpa's name (my mom's dad). He died in a helicopter crash when she was two, so I've never met him, but I've only ever heard really good things about him, and it's funny how you can love someone you've never met.

Here is a picture of my Grandpa Edwin with my Grandma Minnie:
I think he looks so handsome and kind.

So, a very long story short, this little baby's name will be Charlton Edwin Gross, and we're so incredibly excited to meet him! And yes, we'll definitely be calling him Charlie, too (especially the kids), but as opposed to Charles, I can actually see myself calling my boy Charlton as well. I just love it, and I just love this baby so much already.

Now for his arrival any day now!


  1. You are a ridiculously beautiful pregnant person. Seriously, it's not normal. But I still love you! And I'm so, so excited to meet your little man, and for my own little guy to follow shortly. (I imagine my baby will have all the hair your baby should have had, if it's anything like Juju and Maren a few years ago!)

  2. Congrats! You are positively beautiful when you are pregnant - you make it look so easy :) !! I can't wait to see pictures of your new little man - good luck with the labor and delivery!

  3. You are a stinker! I totally thought this post was going to be the announcement that Charlie was here!! haha! I love all of the little details about your pregnancy that you've blogged. :)

  4. Marie, mom and I were just talking about what a beautiful pregnant girl you are. I am so so excited for little Charlie to get here and to snuggle him. And I loved all the details in this post :) A keeper for sure.

  5. You are so beautiful Marie! I am so excited to see pictures of your little man! I love his name! And I also think Emma kind've looks like your grandpa! You guys have some strong, good lookin' genes in your family :) good luck with the delivery! We will be thinking of you!

  6. Love all of this AND your pictures. You are so beautiful. Can't wait for Charlie to arrive! I was hoping to wake up to news today (I'm sure you were, too)!

  7. How in the world did I miss this post!??! I love how you explained how you came up with his name. It's such a perfect meaningful name! And you look absolutely gorgeous!! I'm lucky to be related to you :)

    And isn't it funny, he actually came out with a ton of hair?!?! So fun :)

  8. Cute post! I like the story of finally getting to his name. So funny the things you agonize over when deciding on a name, all the possible nicknames they could be called, the mix of boy and girl names, how they sound with your other kids' names and your last name, and then the middle name too. I love the name you came up with. It goes so well with your family's names. And I love how excited you were that you even did a pregnancy test in Wal-Mart! lol, I've done that before too, but I think the result was negative so it didn't become memorable.
    I even talked to you that weekend that you were home alone and I don't think you told me you were pregnant...or maybe you did? The biggest thing I've noticed with this pregnancy this time is my airheaded/spaceyness way more than normal! Funny.
    I'm glad he got here safe and sound. Congratulations! Love ya!




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