Monday, October 28, 2013

Ta-Da! A Little Pumpkin Carving

We bought our pumpkins pretty early this year, which was great because we got to enjoy our pumpkins for some of September and all of October. The only downside was that every Monday night from then on out, the kids acted like we were breaking their poor little hearts when we told them we couldn't carve the pumpkins yet, otherwise they'd rot out before Halloween. Finally, a few weeks before Halloween we had our annual carving party. I usually don't enjoy this too much; in my mind it takes too long and is way too messy! This year wasn't any different, but I did find myself enjoying it more. I must be maturing. :) Part of what helped was that the kids are old enough to do more and more of the dirty work, and boy did they have fun! I thought their pumpkins turned out so cute, too!

IMG_6878PumpkinCarving2013 PumpkinCarving2013-1 IMG_6884PumpkinCarving2013\ IMG_6920PumpkinCarving2013 IMG_6926PumpkinCarving2013 IMG_6929PumpkinCarving2013 IMG_6970PumpkinCarving2013 IMG_6936PumpkinCarving2013 PumpkinCarving2013-2 IMG_6955PumpkinCarving2013-BW

1 comment:

  1. They did turn out so so cute!! And that's nice they could do most the dirty work ;)




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