Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Halloween!

For the Halloween line-up this year we had Isabella dressed up as Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, Liam as a cowboy, Juliette as a "pumpkin princess," and Charlie as a baby pumpkin, per Juliette's request.

I was so thankful for the help I received from friends when rounding up the costumes. Knowing that we'd have a brand-new baby, I was really looking for easy street this year (ok, let's be honest, I'm always looking for easy street when it comes to Halloween). Luckily, I have some awesome friends who let us borrow things to complete our little costumes. We borrowed the apron and bonnet for Bella's costume, and actually had several to choose from because a few people offered to let us borrow their pioneer clothes. And Bella is actually wearing a dress that my mom made for me when I was a little girl. She loves playing in my old dresses, and this one worked great for her costume. She also had a friend who dressed up as a "prairie girl" with her... wish I would've gotten a picture of them out trick or treating together. They were adorable.

 Most of what Liam wore was also borrowed, and can I just say he loved playing with those guns!
In fact, we had a funny conversation with Liam at the dinner table about the guns. He got to dress up for Kindergarten that day, and I kept telling him he would have to leave the guns at home. But he told me that he asked his teacher if he could bring his toy guns to school as part of his costume, and that she said yes. I just couldn't believe that the teacher/school would go for that, so I kept asking him about it.

"Now you're sure your teacher said it's okay to bring your guns to school?" I asked him again and again.

"Yep!" was always his response.

I still wasn't convinced and was telling Will about the whole ordeal at dinner, and eventually we asked him to tell us the exact words he used to ask his teacher.

"Did you say, 'Can I bring my guns to school?'" Anyway, you probably had to be there, but just hearing those words come out of my mouth made Will and I bust up laughing. By the way, the guns stayed at home. Didn't want to risk having my sweet kindergarten boy getting suspended or anything!

On to Juliette's costume, I made her tutu, which was a fun project for me, so I was glad I could squeeze it in. Don't ask me why the pumpkin face on her leotard is so funny looking! I just cut it out of some felt that had a sticker backing to it, and stuck it on there. It didn't stay on long, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! As I look at these pictures, I wish I would have stuck with a more traditional jack 'o lantern face. I think I was trying to girly it up a little too much with those crazy-looking flower eyes! She loved it, though. And last but not least, Charlton is wearing a little costume we found at Goodwill for super cheap. Good thing, too, as he only wore it for these pictures!

Anyway, I don't think this year's Halloween will be one I soon forget. Something about having a new baby in the home that makes things extra memorable. Plus, I was so thankful for my friend Kenna who brought us dinner on Halloween! I'm usually a stress case and super busy on the evening of Halloween (and this year was definitely no exception), so I was super impressed and grateful to her for bringing us dinner that night. I can't tell you how much it helped me out! Hopefully it didn't add too much stress to her evening.

So, all in all, it was a great Halloween. First we hit up our church for a Trunk Or Treat (I just stayed in the car and watched all the cute kids through the window while I nursed Charlton), and then we came home and Will took the kids around the block for some more trick or treating. Such a fun evening, especially for my munchkins who definitely have a sweet tooth like their momma!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Liam and those guns!! Too funny. He must be a boy ;) And yeah, smart move on not letting him take them to school. Haha. I love Juju's girly jack-o-lantern, and Bella looks so adorable in your old dress. I totally remember that dress. I feel like I have that same one, maybe in green.
    And Charlton sure is an adorable baby pumpkin. Happy Halloween :)




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