Monday, November 4, 2013

Introducing Charlton!

Meet Charlton Edwin Gross
Born Friday, October 25, 2013 at 3:05pm
8lbs 11oz; 21.5 inches long

Here are some snaps from our first week the most sweet, beautiful baby boy. We are all so in love. I feel like I'm constantly saying a little prayer of gratitude in my heart. Thank you so much, Heavenly Father, for sending me this little one. 

I think I'll save writing out his birth story for another post, but until then, enjoy! My goal for his second week of life is to get in more of the pictures with him. :)

IMG_7334NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_6973NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7000NewbornCharltonBW IMG_6990NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7019NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7019NewbornCharlton2013BW IMG_7016NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7006NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7035NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7053NewbornCharlton2013 NewbornCharlton2013-2 IMG_7164NewbornCharlton2013BW IMG_7084NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7083NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7077NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7075NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7073NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7069NewbornCharlton2013 IMG_7057NewbornCharlton2013 NewbornCharlton2013-1 IMG_7116NewbornCharlton2013


  1. I am pretty sure those photos of Will and Charlton are the most precious pictures in the world. He is perfect, Marie!

  2. Oh, Marie, he's absolutely perfect! I love these pictures...there's something so precious about that first week with a new baby!

    (what on he earth happened to Liam's eye in those hospital pics?!)

  3. Love all the pictures. Welcome little one!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous baby! What a beautiful post. The pictures say it all! And poor Liam must have had one terrific crash.

  5. You make beautiful babies, Marie! Congratulations!

  6. So glad you're loving him so mich!! So sweet

  7. He is so adorable Marie. Congratulations to your whole family for such a sweet little boy.

  8. Oh, Marie! I am dying over here -- Can December 14th come fast enough?? Ahh. He is so GORGEOUS! Wow. I love how he looks like your other kids, but still has his own look. He's so beautiful. And dark :)
    I am so grateful he's here, safe and healthy. Congratulations!!

  9. Beautiful photos!! He is absolutely perfect! And those pictures of Will with him take my breath away! I am so happy for you and your sweet family!!

  10. Oh my goodness he is so sweet! I just want to cuddle him!




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