Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Pretty Ballerina

We've let each of our kids choose one extra curricular thing to be involved with right now and I was thrilled when Bella chose ballet.  I love how graceful and classy ballet is, and so far Isabella is really seeming to enjoy it. I've been really proud of her picking up on things so quickly, and I've noticed that she is quite the graceful little thing. Her first recital is coming up next month and we're all really excited to see her perform for the first time. Keep up the good work, beautiful!

IMG_5720IsabellaDance2013BW IsabellaDance2013-3 IsabellaDance2013-2 IsabellaDance2013-1 IMG_6685IsabellaDance2013BW


  1. I want to see her dance in the recital!

  2. Bella is the cutest ballerina!!!

  3. She's such a beautiful ballerina. And you can really tell how graceful she is in these photos. When's her recital? I wanna come watch!!!

  4. We recognize those girls from Macy's class. And the teacher! We love her. Hopefully Bella will keep it up after Christmas when Macy starts up again :)




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