Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy 35th to My Guy

I'm not gonna lie, this probably wasn't Will's best birthday ever. He had a long work day on his actual birthday, and we had a houseful of sick kids, but we did get to go on a dinner date (thanks, Em!), and that was really wonderful. And we also had a fun family dinner about a week or so before his birthday, which was also great. His mom made him the most delicious apple pies!

What I want to remember about Will at 35 is that he is the most supportive and loving husband and father EVER. I guess that's no different than he's been at any other age, but it is the best thing to have him by my side going above and beyond to love and teach our kids. He's definitely a leader for good in our home, and my kids wouldn't be half the awesome little people that they are without him. I miss him while he's at work all day! He also works out like crazy, getting up at 4:40am just about every morning to exercise with Crossfit. He loves to listen to audio books--you better believe he's got his headphones in when he's cleaning the carpet for me or installing new doors. :)

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I really just want to wish a happy, happy birthday to the love of my life! I love you, Will!

IMG_0188Will's35th2013 IMG_0205Will's35th IMG_0361Will's35th2013 IMG_0365Will's35th2013 IMG_0367Will's35th2013 IMG_0381Will's35th2013 IMG_0408Will's35th2013


  1. It says these pictures are private so I can't see them ;( Anyway, happy Birthday Will!

  2. Your hair looked GORGEOUS this day!! Wow. Come do mine ;) And happy birthday, Will! Glad I could let you two get out.

  3. I can't see any of your pictures!! What am I doing wrong?!




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