Saturday, December 28, 2013

Montana Part 1: Fun in the Snow!

With the exception of my brother Christian who is on a mission in California right now, my entire family got together for Christmas in Coeur d'Alene, ID this year! I will do a post about that a bit later, but before we all met up in Coeur d'Alene, a handful of us went to my Great Aunt Kay's house in Paradise, Montana for a few days. It was seriously the best time ever! I was so glad that Will could come with us, too! At first it was just going to be me and the kids because he didn't think he could take the time off work with things being so busy at the flower shops around the holidays, but his dad offered to take over the shops so that he could come earlier with us! He usually works all day Christmas Eve, so it was a real treat to have him all to ourselves in the days leading up to Christmas! I absolutely loved it.

Anyway, I'm going to have to break my Montana Posts up a bit since I took quite a few pictures of all the fun we had. On our first day there, we had a great time out in the little bit of snow on the ground! My kids were in heaven even if I did forget to bring their snow boots!

IMG_0498Montana2013Web IMG_0428Montana2013Web IMG_0482Montana2013 IMG_0447Montana2013 IMG_0455Montana2013 IMG_0460Montana2013 IMG_0463Montana2013 IMG_0466Montana2013 IMG_0511Montana2013 IMG_0520Montana2013 IMG_0525Montana2013 IMG_0494Montana2013


  1. awwww I love these snow pictures!! All of my family members are so beautiful!!! :)

  2. That first day of sledding was way more fun than I anticipated. And you're making me really anxious to get caught up on my blogging - haha.

  3. PS: That photo of you and Will is perfect!!




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