Sunday, December 29, 2013

Montana Part 2: Cutting a Christmas Tree!

My Great Aunt Kay is so much fun! After our morning in the snow, we went down the road to Mary Lou's house for a yummy lunch, and then she had us all go with her to pick out and cut down a Christmas tree on her property. Liam and Uncle Matthew did the honors, and Liam was in heaven getting to use a real saw. It was the cutest, and if I had to pick a favorite thing we did in Montana, the whole Christmas tree gig was definitely it. When we got back to the house, my dad and Will took turns carving down the trunk so that it would fit in the tree stand while the children warmed up and watched from the window as the tree, dressed with giant Christmas lights, went up on her porch.

After that we were going to have a contest to see who could build the best snowman--we were split up into teams and everything (some of us were already gathering accessories of branches and pinecones to get a head start--talk about competitive!), but a rain storm came through and robbed us of that fun. Oh well, next time!

The entire time we were there, I kept thinking I could do the whole country thing... it was so peaceful and wonderful and really romantic! Just what I needed!

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  1. Aunt Kay made everything so fun. Cutting down that tree really was so fun -- like living in a dream! And these photos are stunning. Especially love the one you got of my boys and the one of Lissie and Annabelle. And Liam was so so cute cutting down that tree - haha!

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  4. Sorry I was logged into Steve's account! But I wanted to say that I love all these pictures!! Looks like such a fun memory and wish I could have been there :)




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