Monday, December 30, 2013

Montana Part 3: Goodbye

Here are some final little things I wanted to jot down and be sure to remember about our trip to Montana (some pictured, some not):

*Homemade German Lebkuchen from scratch curtesy of my mom!
*My kids warming up to a dog for the first time!
*Lots of snuggles with Charlton
*Real men do dishes!
*Hanging out with Eric&Katrina and fam
*Playing games and going around the room sharing favorite Christmas memories
*A handmade bird house
*Hitting golf balls into the river
*Singing Silent Night
*Christmas carolers

Goodbye, Aunt Kay and Montana... we can't wait for another visit!

IMG_9782Montana2013Web Montana2013-5Web IMG_9786Montana2013Web IMG_9788Montana2013Web IMG_9808Montana2013Web IMG_9813Montana2013Web IMG_9972Montana2013Web Montana2013-4Web IMG_9998Montana2013Web IMG_9774Montana2013Web Montana2013-1Web IMG_0536Montana2013Web Montana2013-7Web IMG_0035Montana2013Web


  1. Gosh that Charleton is so cute!! I don't know how you handle his cuteness! Serioulsy! Montana looks beautiful!

  2. I'm so happy we got to spend a couple days there -- it really was so wonderful. I loved it and love all these photos :)

  3. This is so Christmasy and perfect! Charlie is the cutest baby! I miss him!!! And Emma doesn't even look pregnant haha. Love all these pictures :)




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