Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Annual Christmas Card and Letter

I wanted to include this year's Christmas card and letter on the blog. Someday (big someday) I will make a blog book. I will!

ChristmasCard2013-1 December 2013
Dear Family and Friends,
I thought I’d share a handful of the cute/funny things the kids have said this year:

Marie: "Hey, Little Missy. Hold still while I do your hair."
Juliette: "I not missy, I JuJu!"
Marie: "You little stinker! Stop coloring in my planner!"
Juliette: "I not stinker. I Juju!"
 Marie: "Hey, you little gingerbread house…
Juliette: "I not gingerbread house, I Prissmas Twee!"

Will is reading in the Book of Mormon about how the Lamanites have taken the Nephite’s daughters. And then he said, “That would be like someone stealing my girls, and that would make me very, very angry.”
Liam: “Would you kick their butts?”

Liam at church during Sacrament Meeting: “Does fast Sunday mean that church will go by fast?”

Isabella: “Mom. I really wish family members could marry family members because Liam and Juliette are perfect for each other!”

Skyping with Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Tracy:
Grandpa: "Liam, show us your muscles!" Liam shakes as he flexes for quite some time, and then in a shaky voice says, “Sometimes it’s hard to get my muscles out because it takes sooo… muuuch… energy!”

Liam: “I don’t want to go to school because there is a whole bunch of coloring and I don’t know what color I am supposed to use!”

Liam: “I can’t wait to turn five because then I will be able to run faster!”

Juliette: "Maybe someday I get married. Maybe I do a handstand when I get married!"
Marie: "Yeah, you’ll get married someday. Just make sure it’s to a nice boy."
Isabella: "Number one. He can’t have tattoos. Number two. He can’t smoke. Number 3. He can’t litter!"

Marie to Juliette: “Come here, love bug.”
Juliette with a confused look on her face: “I don’t love BUGS!”

Isabella: "I’m not trying to be rude, but sometimes I just want to call him (Charlton) 'chub chub.'"

Juliette sneezes really loud and then says, “That was a big snore!”

Liam (our hoarder) finds a bag set aside for Goodwill full of toys he never plays with anymore. Crying, he says, “Can you at LEAST take a picture of them?”

Juliette calls cats “meowies” and dogs “ruffies.”

Liam: "You know what the powerful thing about babies is?"
"Spit up."

We’d just finished reading “Miss Nelson is Missing,” and got talking about tonsils and how none of us wants to ever have our tonsils out. And then Liam chimed in with even more concern, "I don't ever want to get my talker out because then I wouldn't be able to talk!”

Yes, it would be quite a shame if children’s “talkers” went missing. ☺ Anyway, we hope each of you have a wonderful Christmas! We love you, and are so grateful for you.

LOVE, Marie & Will
Isabella, Liam, Juliette and Charlton

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