Saturday, April 5, 2014

I've Got You, Babe.

IMG_9272Charlton3Months2014 Charlton3Months2014-3 IMG_9254Charlton3MonthsBW IMG_9383Charlton3Months2014 IMG_9317Chalrton3Months2014 IMG_9382Charlton3Months2014 IMG_9319Charlton3Months2014 IMG_9378Charlton3Months2014 IMG_9344Charlton3Months2014 IMG_9376Charlton3Months2014 IMG_9315Charlton3Months2014

I took some "official" (but not that official) 3-month pics of Charlton, pretty spontaneously one afternoon while the kids were watching a movie. And then Isabella was kind enough to take some of me and Charlie... I used to be more shy about getting in front of the camera, but now I'm all about jumping in when I can! Otherwise I'm going to be the invisible mother on this blog. Hopefully they will feel my presence regardless of how frequently I'm featured, but still!

Some things to remember about Charlton at 3 months old:

* He can put himself to sleep. I swaddle him up good, sing him a little bedtime song, get up close to his sweet face, tell him how much I love him and that it's time to go "night, night," and usually that's all it takes. When he was younger, there were a few times that he slept the whole night through, but I've yet to see that happen again! Oh well. I just bring him into bed with me and enjoy the snuggles all night long. He even still sleeps on my chest and it's the most blissful thing in the world.

* Like all of his siblings, he has zero interest in a binky or a bottle.

* He loves to be bounced and we get the best giggles out of him.

* He has a high-pitched scratchy voice that is to die for.

* We still can't tell what color his eyes are yet, but whatever non-color they are, man are they gorgeous!

* He does a lot of arm flapping.

* We think he has eczema, poor baby.

* Chub Chub and Char Char are some regular nicknames. Also, Juliette pronounces his name Charlie-ton, and it's super cute.

* He spits up all. the. time. Isabella and I are his favorite targets (probably something to do with the fact we hold him the most), and so whenever he spits up on Will or someone else (in our family), we can't help but high five each other and laugh. We think it's so funny! So yeah, we're going through wipes at record-speed, and I've never been so grateful for my fake hardwood floors. :)

* In general, I think Charlton has a really easy going, calm temperament, but he seems to have sensitive skin and a sensitive tummy, which makes for some fussy spells.

* He does great with tummy time and is just the best, most talented little baby ever. haha, jk. We do think he's quite perfect, though.

* Last but not least, Charlton makes me want to write song lyrics and take pictures all day, none of which I have much time for, but you better believe there's a lullaby in the making for this sweet baby of mine.

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  1. He's so beautiful....and so are you! Good job getting in the pictures. I need to make that a goal. I find it amazing that if anything, I'm even more in love with this baby than I was say, the first time. I guess not more...just different. It's cause I know how light speed fast it goes now. I told Sean the other day that I can't bear to put him down because I'm afraid he'll be 15 when I go to pick him up again!




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