Friday, April 18, 2014


We didn't have leprechauns when I was little... sometimes I think the holiday expectations and traditions go a little overboard these days, but I will admit I get a huge kick out of the leprechaun visits we've had over the last few years. They are too funny! The leprechauns always pee green in our toilets, leaving nasty green footprints on the toilet seats. They write funny notes on the pictures. But they're not all naughty; they're also nice enough to always leave a box of Lucky Charms for us to eat at breakfast... a real treat!

This year our leprechauns got extra feisty and left green dots on each of the kid's noses... even on Baby Charlton's cute nose! When I discovered the leprechaun paint on their sweet faces, I immediately took pictures, but when I saw how Juliette's was smothered all over, I got very side- tracked with worry, and failed to get a picture of Isabella's green nose. Oops! I was just really concerned about it getting all over the bedding and things. I also worried about Liam having to go to school with a green nose, seeing how paint doesn't always come off too easily. But I shouldn't have worried because the next morning, Liam wouldn't let me even try to wash it off. He was so excited to show his friends at school and he's been dreaming up traps for next year ever since.

During homeschool that day, I had Isabella write a paragraph about St. Patrick's Day, and I got a kick out of her little summary. By the way, I don't know what she's talking about when she said the moms make the kids clean up all the leprechaun messes. I guarantee I did most, if not all, the cleaning. But I think she's on to something! Next year, the kids have complete clean-up duty! St. Patrick's Day just got even cooler.

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  1. you are the cutest mom ever!! I need to do something like this next year. Love it so much :)




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