Sunday, April 27, 2014

Liam's 6th Birthday: Family Dinner

In addition to friend parties, which the kids get every other year, we also had special family dinners for both Liam and Juliette! It was a lot of partying! I was going to combine their family dinner, but Grandma Rise offered to host Juliette's, and I welcomed the offer seeing how four parties at my house in the span of about a week would have completely wiped me out. Liam requested "bowtie noodles" aka Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo for dinner, something everyone likes and is pretty easy to make. He also requested Grandma Rise's ultra delicious ice cream cake for dessert. I hope all his birthday wishes came true. I can't believe he's six! We sure love you, Liam!

   Liam's6thBday2014-4IMG_0419Liam's6thBday2014 Liam's6thBday2014-7 IMG_0509Liam's6thBday2014 Liam's6thBday2014-5 IMG_0524Liam's6thBday2014 Liam's6thBday2014-6 IMG_0586Liam's6thBday2014 IMG_0566Liam's6thBday2014 IMG_0570Liam's6thBday2014

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