Friday, April 11, 2014


For such a "little" holiday, Valentines Day sure gets worked in our family. Will had another great year at the flower shops. It's always extremely tiring for him and his staff, but we're so thankful for this holiday and the business it brings.

 On "Valentines Eve" I took our design center employees a lasagna dinner and enjoyed being with my handsome Valentine for about an hour. I then came home, put the kids to bed and stayed up late finishing up the kids' Valentines. Valentines cards have become--for better or worse-- a Pinterest affair, so they were time consuming, but fun, especially since I rarely craft with my kids. It's definitely worth the effort since the kids enjoy it so much. They love Valentines Day and I'm always amazed at how excited they get.

Other  festivities included a super adorable party at Jen's with our homeschool friends, and I also got to visit Liam's Kindergarten party. So much fun all around!

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  1. So sweet. And Liam is looking so much like Will!!! Adorable.




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