Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Golden Rainbow Unicorn Party for Juliette!

With each of the kids, I can recall a favorite birthday party. For Isabella, it was her tea party and for Liam, it was his robot party. Now I have another favorite: Juliette's "Golden Rainbow Unicorn" party! It was so much fun, in part because I actually had some Pinterest successes, which are usually few and far between.

Juliette is such a doll and involved herself in so much of the party prep work. She helped me every step of the way with the cake, unicorn cookies and invitations. This was her first friend party and like her big sister, I think she's a party planner at heart. I don't know how I have two girls who love to throw parties! It's really not my thing! I stayed up until 2am impulsively making the unicorn headbands, and I was so thrilled that 1.) they turned out and 2.) the girls actually wanted to wear them! They wore them the entire party which shocked me. They all looked so, so adorable in them, too. Oh, and you might notice a very handsome little knight at the party. Dallin was over at our house the day before the party and I felt so bad that he was watching us get ready because he is one of Juju's little guy friends. Had we invited boys, he and a few others definitely would have been on the party list. Anyway, we invited him last minute and were so happy that he came! I think he was a little stunned at first to be in an environment swarming with girls, but he warmed right up and the girls loved him!

As for party activities, the first thing the kids did was play "Horse, Horse, Unicorn" aka "Duck, Duck Goose." haha Four year olds are easy to please! Next we decorated unicorn sugar cookies, played "Pin the Horn on the Unicorn,"and then went on a hunt for unicorn jewels before we did the traditional cake and presents. After that they just played. It was such an easy and super fun party.

I still can't believe Juliette is four years old now. She is such a happy, friendly, silly, affectionate, beautiful girl. I don't know what our family would do if we didn't have this ray of sunshine in our lives. She makes me happy every single day with her bright smile and big blue eyes. I love to snuggle with her and just talk to her. She is so expressive and passionate in everything she does. She loves to be in the kitchen with me, helping me both cook and bake. She also loves to play with my hair. She loves to be tickled. She loves puzzles and books. She just loves life and is such a joy. Four years old, I can't believe it. We love you with all our hearts, Juliette Claire!

IMG_1091Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-13 IMG_0639Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-11 IMG_0645Juliette's4thBday2014 IMG_0835Juliette's4thBday2014 IMG_0828Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-3 IMG_0654Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-4 IMG_0910Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-12 IMG_0940Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-5 IMG_0892Juliette's4thBday2014 IMG_0977Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-10 IMG_0969Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-9 IMG_1134Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-8 IMG_0869Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-7 IMG_0850Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-6 IMG_0899Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-2 IMG_0923Juliette's4thBday2014 IMG_1043Juliette's4thBday2014 IMG_0999Juliette's4thBday2014 IMG_0980Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette's4thBday2014-1 IMG_1037Juliette's4thBday2014


  1. Marie!! Those unicorn horns are my favorite thing everrrrrrr!! Ph my goodness, they are perfect. So so cute. I wanna have a unicorn party -- haha!! So darling. You've just arrived at a whole new level of party planning/throwing. And that rainbow cake? Hello, you have arrived!!

  2. Marie this Unicorn party is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!!!! I was thinking the same thing as Emma- I want a unicorn party!!! hehehe Those hats and that cake! Wow, very impressive! When Cole turns four I think he'll have his first friend party and I want to make it a really fun one like this!! :)

  3. I seriously loved those headbands. And by "We invited him last minute" I am still embarrassed that it was more of a self invite! haha! But he had so much fun and actually really enjoyed picking out a gift for a girl friend! Your parties are fantastic!




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