Sunday, May 4, 2014

Juliette's 4th Birthday: Family Dinner

Juliette practically fell over with excitement at each gift she received... so happy! I'll be the first one to admit that my kids are spoiled in the present department. I hope they'll always be this excited and grateful for sweet gifts in any size or package. And I feel blessed to be able to celebrate such a fun girl with her gorgeous grin and blondie locks.  Happy Birthday again, my sweet angel girl. You are so loved.
IMG_1157Juliette's4thBday2014Juliette'sFamParty2014-3 IMG_1281Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette'sFamParty2014-2 IMG_1195Juliette's4thBday2014 Juliette'sFamParty2014-1 IMG_1287Juliette's4thBday2014 IMG_1206Juliette's4thBday2014 IMG_1170Juliette's4thBday2014 IMG_1231Juliette's4thBday2014

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