Monday, May 26, 2014

My Birthday at Thirty-two.

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It's caught me by surprise considering I dreaded the big 3-0, but I'm actually really digging my thirties. Sure, there are quite a few gray hairs and my dark under-eye circles plague me. But it's nothing some hair color and makeup can't take the edge off of. And even if I couldn't hide those things, I would still love this stage of my life because I've never felt so confident in my purpose here on earth or so fulfilled by my relationships. I feel like I'm taking life seriously in the sense that I don't want to waste a minute-- with my kids, especially!

Don't get me wrong... I do waste many minutes, many times a day, but I've never been so conscious of time and it's value.

As for birthday festivities, we just hung out as a family all day. In the morning, I introduced everytone to Nutella/banana crepes. I can't believe I've never made that for them before--major win there! Next we picked out some beautiful wallpaper I've been wanting and then went for a drive checking out some different homes on the market for fun. This has always been a favorite past time of Will and me (even once upon a time when we were dating, we'd do this). We actually were pretty seriously considering trying to buy an investment property back in April, but I honestly have no real desire to move (not that we'd necessarily have to). But anyway, for several different reasons, it's on the back burner again, which I'm more than okay with. We may be outgrowing our house a bit, but we are so, so happy here, so unless it's some ultra amazing house and a deal, there's no tempting me.

We also stopped at a park and played basketball together as a family (minus Juliette who frolicked and designed me a birthday bouquet of wildflowers and Charlton who watched from his carseat). I get a huge thrill out of playing sports with my family... especially soccer and basketball. I dream of having a basketball court or at the very least a hoop on our property someday so that we can play all the time. We usually play girls against boys and the kids are getting good! I think the boys won this time, but it was close. And I noticed an increase in sportsmanship which was a birthday present in and of itself! There have been many a meltdown on the court in the past.

I also played with Charlton and Juliette on the swings, which was really fun... and I love the pictures we got of that.  We got takeout and came home with all my favorite goodies from the grocery store that evening. It was a beautiful, beautiful day and I felt so loved by my sweet crew with their charming gifts and adorable gestures, as well as by friends and family near and far through their loving words, surprise acts of service and awesome and unexpected presents! Thank you all for that! I am so blessed.

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  1. I love this, Marie. I think we're on the same wavelength these days. I just feel like, we're there. We're at the good part. And who cares about the grays and the wrinkles. It must be all the happy, baby, nursing hormones but I'm just loving life lately.




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