Monday, June 30, 2014

Isabella's June Recital

We sure enjoyed watching Isabella in her second dance recital! She looked beautiful and did so great up there. And what's not to love about dressing up in a fancy costume and getting to wear makeup...super fun for the both of us! As much as I love to see her on stage, though, I still think my favorite thing in the world is watching her dance around our home freestylin' it. She's always dancing and I love that!

 IMG_6715IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6725IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IsabellaJuneRecital2014-3 IMG_6674IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6675IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6681IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IsabellaJuneRecital2014-1 IMG_6727IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6713IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6726IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6740IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6728IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6766IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6669IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6686IsabellaJuneRecital2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kauai on my iPhone

This is my first experience putting together this type of collage and it is SO out of order, so just find the number that goes along with each bullet if you care to read about some of our adventures. Hopefully for my next collage I'll get the numbers sequential. :)

10.  Charlton slept peacefully the whole way to the airport and was happy as can be while we checked our luggage and went through security. What a good traveler he is, I thought.

12. Before the plane even took off Charlton was crying like crazy. Unfortunately, Will and I didn't have seats next to each other. I was sitting in the aisle seat next to a guy and his wife and Will was sitting in the window seat a row behind me. Right off the bat I tried nursing Charlie, which felt so squished and uncomfortable because Charlie is a big, wiggly baby and I was trapped by the arm rests and had a big stranger of a man sitting RIGHT next to me. Granted, he was very nice, but still it's awkward when your baby tries to tear off the nursing cover constantly. After about an hour or so of nonstop crying (and Charlie kicking the guy when I'd try to nurse), he eventually offered to switch seats with Will. His words were something like, "I think you need your husband." haha He was extremely nice about the whole thing (and a grandpa), and I am just so grateful for his willingness to to move because I really did need my husband! Charlie still had a pretty rough time for most of the flight. There was a portion of it where I just stood with him in the bathroom so that people would get a break from hearing him cry. Poor him. Poor me. Poor people on the plane. Anyway, this picture is of him actually smiling for me for a sec. What I should've documented was the tears.

11. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by these chickens as we waited for our car rental. It was so funny to me. In many ways, I felt like I had traveled back in time the second we set foot in Kauai; so many detailed memories came rushing back to me making for a very surreal feeling. If it weren't for the cute baby on my hip, I seriously felt 22 again! But I do not remember a single chicken when we were there honeymooning and yet we saw so many on this trip!

14. On our drive from the airport to our condo, I couldn't help but snap a shot of the beautiful palm trees. Palm trees just make me want to kick my feet up. I felt giddy with relief that we were finally there and giddy with excitement. Let's get this vacation started, baby!

15. We weren't on the road long before we pulled over at Bubba's Burgers. We were famished! The food was really yummy, but a little on the small side for how hungry we were. Still good, though! And Charlie got a teeny taste of a french fry for the first time. Num!

20. We stayed at the Westin, just minutes away from where we stayed last time. It really was so fun to reminisce, and we had the most gorgeous view of the ocean. Whenever I see the expanse of the ocean like that, water disappearing into the horizon, I always feel so small. I also feel the need to pinch myself. What a beautiful earth we're blessed with.

18. I woke up super early our first morning there, and seized the opportunity for some exercise and alone time. It was exhilarating to explore on my own like that, and have conversations with myself in my head. :)

17. Later that afternoon, I took Will and Charlie down to the beach I'd found on my own that morning. Charlie looked so adorable in his fedora, although I don't think I got a pic of him wearing it, and is always so happy to go on walks. It was really fun!

18. A lady offered to take our picture, which I was grateful for. Having accidentally ruined most of the film from our honeymoon, I was determined to have this trip well documented, although this is one of the few pictures of just Will and me. Ha! We tried!

13. We were definitely beach bums on this trip. Almost every day we'd hang out at a different beach, and I have so many pictures almost exactly like this one--Charlie conked out on his towel. I could just blow on that belly! Had we stayed at the hotel for all his naps we wouldn't have been able to do as much, so I was grateful that he was usually happy to be a beach bum with us.

16. On one of the days, we visited one of the Westin's sister hotels and enjoyed their beach and yummy food. This was probably my favorite beach because we got some good shots of Charlie with my big camera, and it was just really pretty! Also, the people watching was fantastic... people paddle boarding, surfing, canoeing, kayaking.

22. Unless it's blazing hot, I really have to talk myself into going swimming. The weather was really pleasant, but definitely not blazing hot, so I was proud of myself for taking Charlton for swims in the pool. I mean how could I not, this kid is a fish and loves to swim! Will even took him down the kiddy water slide several times.

21. Will would often have to work in the morning and on this particular morning the internet was down at the flower shops, so he had to work much longer than usual trying to get that fixed. I used the time to write in my journal on our little balcony and take pictures of my beautiful baby. He is so cute and fun to take pictures of.

23. & 2. I think Charlton was in a bit of shock to not have his siblings and all his little toys and contraptions to entertain him when we were in our room. By the end of the week, he was very bored with hanging out on our big white bed. haha But I did have a lot of fun taking pictures of him on that bed. White linens and lovely lighting made for some great shots of my handsome cherub.

6. He stuck out his tongue in so many pictures on this trip! I loved it! So adorable!

4. & 24. &25. Our biggest adventure was our hike along the Napali coast. I held Charlie for the first five minutes of the hike, and then decided we should bag the hike entirely since we had a baby with us and we kept meeting people along the trail acting like it was the hardest hike ever. But Will insisted that he would carry our packed duffel bag and Charlie so we could hike a little longer. Neither of us expected to make it the whole way, but we did! It was definitely a highlight of the trip and Charlton slept in Will's arms for a good chunk of it. Charlie loved that hike as much as we did, which was so great.

1. A gorgeous mountain peak from our hike along the Napali Coast.

8. & 26. So like I said, we made it to the beach at the end of the Napali Coast hike, and had the entire place to ourselves at sunset. It was amazing. I watched Will swim in the ocean and I ran in the sand, and we once again reminisced about the last time we were there. It was my favorite moment of the trip. I don't think I will ever forget it. We couldn't stay long because we had to turn around and hike all the way back. We didn't want to be caught hiking the tough parts of the trail in the dark. The sun did set quickly, so we hiked a good chunk of it in the dark, but it wasn't too terrible. However, I don't think I'd do that again with my baby in tow. It was all both special and nerve wracking. Thank goodness for cell phone flashlights!

3.  Figures, I took many a beach shot on this trip. There were just so many and all of them so beautiful. I am more of a people photographer, though, so I did play undercover photographer and took lots of shots of perfect strangers on the beach with my big camera--super fun! I love the challenge of trying to take pictures of people without them noticing.

5. Kauai was so green, and so diverse in it's beauty. It had everything from rolling hills and white picket fences to farmland and beaches. It was extremely lush and felt like every square inch was manicured by mother nature.

9. This is a shot of beautiful Washington on our flight home. I love my home. Charlton did a little better on the flight back, by the way.

27. Home to all of my babies! How I missed them. I appreciate getaways, especially with Will, but there truly is no place like home. When we're all together, it is my heaven on earth.

Lastly, a very happy 10th anniversary to the love of my life...

Will, you are such a blessing to me! I am so lucky to have such an amazing guy by my side, and I love you!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I think I'll write the details about our tenth anniversary trip to Kauai in my next post that will have my Instagram photos with it. Until then, here are the pictures I took with my big camera. By the way, I'm so grateful for that thing! When we went to Kauai for our honeymoon, most of my film somehow got ruined, so it was such a treat to go back with the ability to document everything a little better. I loooove Kauai so, so much. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth and was recently described to me as one of Heavenly Father's very special creations--I couldn't agree more! And to go there again with my love (plus one), was a dream come true! A huge thank you to all the friends and family who helped make it possible.

IMG_4109Kauai2014 Kauai2014-13 IMG_4324Kauai2014 IMG_3778Kauai2014 Kauai2014-5 IMG_4086Kauai2014 Kauai2014-1 IMG_4161Kauai2014 Kauai2014-7 IMG_3842Kauai2014 Kauai2014-2 IMG_3846Kauai2014 Kauai2014-3 IMG_3870Kauai2014 Kauai2014-8 IMG_3986Kauai2014 Kauai2014-10 IMG_3993Kauai2014 Kauai2014-11 IMG_3993Kauai2014 Kauai2014-12 IMG_4067Kauai2014 IMG_4068Kauai2014 IMG_3785Kauai2014 IMG_4088Kauai2014 IMG_4142Kauai2014 IMG_4155Kauai2014 IMG_3826Kauai2014 IMG_4185Kauai2014 IMG_4202Kauai2014 IMG_4320Kauai2014 IMG_4318Kauai2014 IMG_4414Kauai2014 IMG_4331Kauai2014 IMG_4405Kauai2014 Kauai2014-14 IMG_4408Kauai2014 Kauai2014-9 IMG_3937Kauai2014



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