Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our Adorable Kindergarten Grad!

Liam is the most adorable little boy! I could just eat up all the cuteness and sweetness he brings to our lives every single day. Just yesterday at dinner he was telling us that he was full. Someone started teasing him about how he must be too full for dessert, and he said something like, "no, my tummy has two parts. On this side it fills up with healthy foods, but the other half is for dessert and that side IS NOT FULL!" (I'm pretty sure that side is never full.) And today at dinner he was telling us all about how he is "a real live soccer player." You kinda had to be there, but the pride in his voice was quite endearing.

So yes, it was really fun watching him go to kindergarten this last year. He put his whole heart into it and loved his teacher, Mrs. Sullivan, SO much. I don't know anyone who doesn't love that lady to pieces. She is wonderful. She was always telling me what a hard worker Liam is, and that is so true about him. Once this kid sets his mind to something, he's all in, and I love that about him. He'd often stay in from recess to work on writing his numbers and he was very into the "fun run" they held each Friday. In fact, Mrs. Sullivan said something about him being their "star runner" as he ran up to get his certificate at graduation. haha He loves to run and is very motivated to learn and grow and succeed.

What a good boy you are, Liam! I couldn't love you more.

LiamKinderGrad2014-3 IMG_5922LiamKinderGrad2014 IMG_5899LiamKinderGrad2014 LiamKinderGrad2014-2 IMG_5893LiamKinderGrad2014 LiamKinderGrad2014-1

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  1. He really is such a sweet boy! Congrats on being a kindergarten grad liam!! :)




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