Monday, June 30, 2014

Isabella's June Recital

We sure enjoyed watching Isabella in her second dance recital! She looked beautiful and did so great up there. And what's not to love about dressing up in a fancy costume and getting to wear makeup...super fun for the both of us! As much as I love to see her on stage, though, I still think my favorite thing in the world is watching her dance around our home freestylin' it. She's always dancing and I love that!

 IMG_6715IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6725IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IsabellaJuneRecital2014-3 IMG_6674IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6675IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6681IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IsabellaJuneRecital2014-1 IMG_6727IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6713IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6726IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6740IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6728IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6766IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6669IsabellaJuneRecital2014 IMG_6686IsabellaJuneRecital2014




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