Thursday, July 3, 2014

Primary Color Run

It's hard to believe we've lived in our house for nearly seven years! In those seven years, we've been part of the most amazing ward at church. I've never been in a ward that wasn't amazing, but this is the longest we've been anywhere and I feel like I'm extra attached because of that. My babies are growing up with these people, and they truly are cream-of-the-earth kind of people. For a recent Primary activity, we had a color run and it was so fun! I'm glad I could take some pictures, not just of my cuties, but also of some of the people we love and admire so much. Thank you, dear Primary leaders, for putting on such a fun event!

IMG_6528ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-10 IMG_6520ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-1 IMG_6576ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-2 IMG_6623ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-3 IMG_6564ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-4 IMG_6606ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-5 IMG_6594ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-6 IMG_6516ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-7 IMG_6565ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-8 IMG_6583ColorRun2014 ColorRun2014-9 IMG_6631ColorRun2014

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