Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cabo San Lucas and Isabella's 9th Birthday

This trip didn't come without its hiccups (but really, what travel experience does?), but the good news is that nobody got left behind like the last time we went to Mexico! Hurray! It was a wonderful getaway and hopefully I can write about it with being too scatterbrained!


^^The resort we stayed at was on the face of a big hill, and so in order to get around quickly, there were golf-cart-looking vehicles that took us everywhere. This was our view every morning as we waited for our ride to the pool.

IMG_8783Cabo2014 Cabo2014-9

^^ Above and on the left: the walking fruit stand that Grandma Rise stopped so she could treat us to the most mouth-watering mangoes while we were at the beach one afternoon. On the right: my favorite view from our room. The light was heavenly.

IMG_8560Cabo2014 IMG_8625Cabo2014 IMG_8627Cabo2014

^^ Five words: Hot. Tub. On. Our. Balcony. So dreamy! This was definitely a favorite thing for the kids. We felt extremely spoiled! It also happens to be Isabella 9th Birthday in these hot tub pictures. She likes to tell people that we went to Cabo FOR her birthday, and while that's not exactly true, I love that our trip happened to line up with her birthday. I think she will always remember turning nine in Mexico!

Cabo2014-2 IMG_8721Cabo2014

^^Speaking of Isabella's birthday, our lost luggage, which had her gifts and party decorations in it, arrived in the nick of time! Thank heavens! (The lost luggage also had ALL of my clothes and toiletries in it, grrrrr.) Anyway, I have hardly any pictures of the evening birthday festivities because it was super dark and late at night when we finally had the birthday dinner (nutella banana crepes per her request) and opened presents. But she didn't seem to mind, and loved it all. Anyway, I love this girl so much! On a daily basis, I'm in awe of her goodness, helpfulness, and sweetness. She brings me more joy than I could possibly express and I'm grateful for the relationship we have.  She loves her little brothers and sister so completely and is always so happy to help me. She truly makes our family better and I can't imagine life without her. Isabella, you are everything I could ever hope for in a daughter and I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday!

IMG_8896Cabo2014 IMG_8893Cabo2014 IMG_8891Cabo2014 IMG_8883Cabo2014

^^Just some smoochy goodness. I couldn't just pick one. These kids are just too sweet together!

IMG_9111Cabo2014 IMG_9148Cabo2014 Cabo2014-8 IMG_9153Cabo2014 Cabo2014-15

^^On the left: I loved how this sunset turned the world pink-- such a magical setting for taking pictures of my sweet family enjoying an evening at the beach. By the way, the whole time we were there, we had to be really careful about getting near the ocean because of a storm in the Pacific that made the waves crazy harsh. On the right: Here were are waiting for a golf cart again. :)


^^On the left: Grandma Rise is always so helpful and amazing with her grandbabies, and how we love her so! On the right: I don't think it's possible to go on an exotic vacation and not take a picture of a palm tree.


^^Juliette Claire, always lighting up my life. (Again, great photo op while waiting for a golf cart.)

IMG_9053Cabo2014 IMG_9185Cabo2014 Cabo2014-7 IMG_9074Cabo2014

^^On our very last night in Cabo, we made reservations to attend an all-you-can-eat buffet on the beach while being entertained by a mariachi band and fun dance performances. My kids were mesmerized! And then afterward, my kids got up on that stage and danced their hearts out. I will never forget Liam's moves up there. Front and center. He killed it. I may have even gone up and danced with him. My moves were not so killer.

Cabo2014-12 IMG_8959Cabo2014 Cabo2014-11 IMG_8971Cabo2014 Cabo2014-13 IMG_8999Cabo2014 Cabo2014-5 Cabo2014-10

^^On Sunday, after a wonderful church meeting (in Spanish), we ventured downtown Cabo for a walk around the city. I loved, loved taking pictures of the beautiful boats at the marina, the cacti, local soccer boys, and colorful shopping stands. It got c r a z y hot walking around for so long, but I'm so glad that we did. Such a beautiful area.

Cabo2014-14 IMG_8628Cabo2014 IMG_8931Cabo2014

^^ We spent most of our time in that pool, but sadly I don't have too many pictures of our swimming fun, probably because I was actually in the water myself most of the time. It was so hot and humid, which made swimming extra enjoyable and refreshing for me. Charlie and I were both water babies! I have such great memories of our pool time together!


^^Relaxing after some pool time. Oh, Charlie boy. My heart goes to mush when you smile at me like that!

IMG_8745Cabo2014 IMG_8832Cabo2014 Cabo2014-3 IMG_8863Cabo2014 Cabo2014-4 IMG_8869Cabo2014

^^And last but not least, THE BEAUTIFUL BEACH! It looks calms in these pictures, but we couldn't let the kids near the water. Because of that storm in the Pacific, the swimming conditions were pretty dangerous. The men did swim for quite a bit (I think Will had the time of his life in those waves), and I even ventured in for a few minutes (maybe seconds?), which was really fun. And while the kids didn't swim, they sure had fun eating mangoes, playing in the sand, and letting grandma buy them trinkets from the walking vendors.

All in all, we had a wonderful time together and are so thankful to Will's parents for sharing their time share with us. I love my family so much and whether we're vacationing together or not, I just love to be with them!!



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