Thursday, November 27, 2014

Charlie's Family Birthday Dinner

It's truly amazing to me how much a baby changes, grows and learns in a year! I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed, reminiscing over all the moments that made me pause this past year, and boy has Charlie changed over the months! All the kids have, but especially him. I'm so grateful that I have those pictures. I almost wish I took more! But there must be balance in life, right?

We had a wonderful family birthday dinner for him. He ate up all the attention, made a huge mess of his cake, and basically left me totally glued to him. I could watch him all day every day--oh, wait! I do.  And I couldn't possibly love him more. It's chaos at our house 90% of the time... but I'm so thankful to have this family. Happy Birthday, big boy!

IMG_5133Charlie's1stBday2014BW IMG_5140Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_5135Charlie's1stBday2014BW IMG_5136Charlie's1stBday2014 Charlie's1stBday2014-10 IMG_5124Scott'sBday2014BW IMG_5167Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_5162Charlie's1stBday2014 Charlie's1stBday2014-6 IMG_5161Charlie's1stBday2014 Charlie's1stBday2014-5 IMG_5160Charlie's1stBday2014 Charlie's1stBday2014-4 IMG_5155Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_5151Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_5111Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_5105Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_5099Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_5069Charlie's1stBday2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Charlie Boy!

For his birthday breakfast, I made Banana Nutella crepes. We stuck a candle in his decked out crepe and sang to him for the first time, with Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Tracy on Facetime. I don't think I'll ever forget how much he loved being sung to! I swear this kid understood so well what birthdays are all about. He was such a ham about the singing, presents, cake... it was adorable! And he loved his crepe! What kid of mine doesn't devour Nutella?

Charlie's1stBday2014-1 IMG_4926Charlie's1stBday2014BW Charlie's1stBday2014-2

It was definitely bathtime after that breakfast number! From day one Charlie has always loved his baths and out of all the kids, has been the most comfortable in the water. He usually gets two baths a day and I just love watching him play in there, looking like a little pilot at the faucets. He never will leave those things alone!

IMG_4949Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_4952Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_4956Charlie's1stBday2014BW IMG_4957Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_4958Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_4959Charlie's1stBday2014
After I got him all dressed and clean, we called up Grandma and Grandpa in Germany again so they could watch him open up his first present, a fun package from them. As you can see, Charlton was the only one ready for the day at this point. haha

Anyway, It was hilarious to me how interested he was in his package! He pushed it all around the floor, even picked it up and threw it across the room a few times. (He LOVES to throw.) I couldn't believe he was strong enough to chuck this thing (luckily there wasn't anything fragile inside)! He seemed to understand what getting a present was all about and dug inside as soon as it was opened. He is so strong and so smart, and just the perfect little birthday baby. And I am his very proud (and maybe biased) momma. :)

Charlie's1stBday2014-3 IMG_4966Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_4966Charlie's1stBdayBW IMG_4967Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_4970Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_4979Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_4983Charlie's1stBday2014
 After his morning nap, we had planned to go to an outdoor fall festival in town, but it was pouring like crazy outside all day, so that didn't happen. I was pretty bummed about that. So, instead we just enjoyed a quiet day at home and then that evening went out to the Tacoma flower shop to check on a leaking roof. We had a little pizza party at the shop and then came home and gave him a cupcake and sang another round of "Happy Birthday, dear Charlie!!" to him again, knowing we would do his real birthday cake and presents at the family birthday dinner the following weekend!

Charlie, you have been the biggest light and joy in our home this past year. I feel lucky every single day that we have you. You bring out the best in us and I'm both happy that you're one and a little heartbroken too. As always it went by too fast, but know that you are cherished around here. Every single one of us adore you, our beautiful baby boy!

PS> The kids and I made him that fun felt birthday hat, and if it weren't for the distraction of our singing and the lit birthday candle, he would never keep it on. It's a miracle I have a picture of him in it!

Charlie's1stBirthday2014-11 IMG_5001Charlie's1stBday2014 IMG_5015Charlie's1stBday2014



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