Saturday, September 20, 2014

24 Hours in Seattle

We are often spontaneous and last-minute trip people, and so it was with our overnighter to Seattle. Will's parents had a timeshare that they couldn't use for specific dates, and it worked for us to use them! So fun! Will and I both kept on commenting on how rejuvenated we felt even after such a quick getaway. We had some delicious meals and fun just perusing the city. We even visited the famous gum wall, which was beyond disgusting. I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture. haha It was also fun to smother Charlie with attention. What a sweet and happy thing he is!

SeattleTrip2014-1 IMG_9809SeattleTrip2014 SeattleTrip2014-4 IMG_9780SeattleTrip2014BW IMG_9749SeattleTrip2014 SeattleTrip2014-3 IMG_9732SeattleTrip2014 SeattleTrip2014-2 IMG_9808SeattleTrip2014 IMG_9737SeattleTrip2014 IMG_9758SeattleTrip2014



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