Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween sure has a way of being busy! This was probably our busiest yet, but with all fun/good things! We kicked off the day watching my friend's kids, and then we went to a Halloween party that another friend invited us to. We came home and got costumes on and dinner going. And then our neighbor came over for dinner before our evening of trick or treating with Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott. That night Isabella began her first "real job" of feeding our neighbor's cat and giving her medicine twice a day for nearly two weeks, and our other neighbor, Emma, came and spent a week with us while her grandparents went on vacation! Whew! I'm sure there other moms out there that have these types of days regularly, no sweat, but it felt like a big accomplishment for me to stay on top of everything! It all went really smoothly, though, and we had a wonderful day!

As you can see from the pictures, Isabella was a medieval princess; Liam was Harry Potter; Juliette was Annie, and Charlie was an owl. They were adorable and had a great Halloween! And of course they're already dreaming up what they want to be next year. Isabella has probably presented me with 25 different ideas already, no joke.

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