Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Saints Soccer 2014: Isabella

Isabella's team played on a bigger field this year, and it seemed a little more competitive than years past, which is good! I was impressed with how much fun these kids had; even though they hardly ever won, they always put their hearts into the game and never stopped trying their best. Bella loved, loved this season, just like she has every year and it's fun to watch her. The poor thing put up with a lot of coaching and hollering from us on the sidelines. Will and I really got into it and could be a little intense sometimes. Fun times, fun times!

LittleSaints2014Isabella-1 IMG_9727LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_9715LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_9276LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_9273LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_9270LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_2602LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_2599LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_2598LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_2592LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_2574LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_2569LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_2550LittleSaints2014Isabella IMG_2542LittleSaints2014Isabella LittleSaints2014Isabella-2



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