Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Saints Soccer 2014: Juliette

This was Juliette's first time playing soccer, and it took her a few practices to really get out on the field, but she eventually put all "shyness" aside, and had a lot of fun with it. I don't think she scored a single goal this season, but to see her excitement when her team scored, you'd think it was her that put the ball in the goal. She would get so, so pumped! She also really loved it when Will and I would cheer for her from the sidelines... I love how she's usually all smiles. And when her team wasn't playing, she LOVED playing with her adorable friends at the nearby playground and just running about on the sidelines. Such a darling, happy girl we have!
IMG_2633LittleSaints2014JulietteLittleSaints2014Juliette-2 IMG_9674LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_9659LittleSaints2014Juliette LittleSaints2014Juliette-3 IMG_9657LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_9604LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_9583LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_9579LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_9566LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_9300LittleSaintsJuliette2014 IMG_9229LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_2535LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_2530LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_2529LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_2526LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_9704LittleSaints2014Juliette IMG_9669LittleSaints2014Juliette LittleSaints2014Juliette-1



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