Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Saints Soccer 2014: Liam

Liam was so happy to have his dad for a coach this season! I really think soccer is one of his passions, and boy is he good at it! His whole team was really great, and I think they won their games and scrimmages most of the time. I noticed that Liam had a really powerful and skilled kick, as well as a way of getting the ball past people. He really loves to play and is hoping to play some indoor soccer this winter. I'm sure we will try to make that happen... it's fun to see your kids do the things they love. We definitely love watching him play soccer!
LittleSaints2014Liam-3IMG_9391LittleSaintsLiam2014 IMG_9384LittleSaintsLiam2014 LittleSaints2014Liam-2 IMG_9383LittleSaintsLiam2014 IMG_9369LittleSaintsLiam2014 IMG_9349LittleSaintsLiam2014 LittleSaints2014Liam-1 IMG_9347LittleSaintsLiam2014 IMG_9339LittleSaintsLiam2014 IMG_2465LittleSaintsLiam2014 IMG_2517LittleSaintsLiam2014 IMG_2524LittleSaintsLiam2014 IMG_2476LittleSaintsLiam2014



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