Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Saints Soccer: Charlie on the Sidelines!

Charlie loved watching his big brother and sisters play soccer on Mondays and Thursdays evenings in the late summer/early fall this year. He just loves being outside in general, so he had a lot of fun crawling around and getting good and dirty on the sidelines, always trying to eat the cones! Knowing how quickly time flies, I'm sure I'll blink a few times and he'll be out there on the field. I love how soccer is something our whole family loves, not that I've ever officially played soccer, but I do love it. I especially love often playing for Family Home Evening on Monday nights in the summer. Such great memories! Anyway, just look at my cute baby! I love him, oh man, how I love him.

IMG_2506LittleSaints2014Charlie LittleSaints2014Charlie-1 IMG_2504LittleSaints2014Charlie LittleSaints2014Charlie-2 IMG_2500LittleSaints2014Charlie LittleSaints2014Isabella-2 IMG_2502LittleSaints2014Charlie



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