Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Card and Letter

Merry Christmas 2014
As told by Santa Claus: 

‘Twas a night at the Gross home, when all through the house 
Kids were bustling as usual, made a fort of the couch. 
They played pretend circus and practiced their stunts. 
I thought to myself, they sound like elephants! 

At way-past bedtime, they read books with the kids, 
While visions of fairytales danced in their heads. 
With Will done exhausted, and Marie’s brain turned to sap,
They finally cuddled in for a short winter’s nap. 

 When outside their room, there arose such a clatter. 
Marie sprung from her bed to see what was the matter. 
Away to the crib, she flew like a flash, 
 Looked over at Will, and he was still crashed. 

 When Charlie will sleep through the night, no one knows. 
He woke with the moon for a hungry hello. 
‘Fore long, what to their sleepy eyes should appear, 
But the sun peeking in and a new day dawning near. 

 Just moments later, so energetic and quick, 
I knew in an instant it must be the kids. 
So lively and rested, chattering they came. 
They piled on mom and dad as Marie called them by name: 

 “Isabella! (loves reading, art, dance and sewing); 
Liam! (Legos, chess, soccer, and building wood things); 
Juliette! (singing, puzzles and gymnastics tricks); 
Charlie! (peek-a-boo, chasing siblings and blowing kisses).” 

 The baby —how he babbled! His bright eyes, how merry, 
His cheeks were delicious, he could live on blueberries. 
He obsessed over balls and sure loved to throw. 
He’s a climber and daredevil, this little fellow. 

 Will and Marie celebrated 10 years in love.
 For Christ, family and friends, they thanked heaven above. 
And I heard them exclaim, ere I drove out of sight- 
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



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