Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Creche

Every year we attend an amazing event at our church where hundreds of nativities are put on display. This year we signed the kids up to be part of a live nativity for 30 minutes with some of our friends. I loved seeing them get dressed up, and got an especial kick out of pretending Charlie was baby Jesus for a few minutes. He stayed in that manger longer than I expected and kept giving us this look like, "What on earth??"
ChristmasCreche2014-3IMG_6357ChristmasCreche2014 IMG_6362ChristmasCreche2014BW IMG_6398ChristmasCreche2014 IMG_6403ChristmasCreche2014 IMG_6404ChristmasCreche2014 ChristmasCreche2014-2 IMG_6415ChristmasCreche2014 ChristmasCreche2014-1



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