Monday, December 29, 2014

A Microscope!?

After our Christmas morning festivities, we quickly showered and loaded the kids up to drive out to Poulsbo to be with Will's family. It was wonderful and we got spoiled for sure. But first Grandpa had Isabella read to us from Luke about Jesus' birth, and the kids and I sang a Christmas song called, "Can I Hold the Baby?" that they learned at church. We're not the best singers in the world--at least I'm not, but it was sweet and I really love the message of that song. And I love the spirit music brings, especially at Christmas. I might just force my family to go caroling with me next year.

Anyway, then Juliette donned the Santa hat and began handing out gifts. Actually, she didn't last long in that role, but she sure looked cute as Santa! Isabella was eager to be Santa and handed out most of the presents, opening hers at the very end. I thought that was really sweet of her. And what a happy ending for her to get an American Girl doll! She and I both never imagined she'd get one of those!

Liam pretty much flipped when he got a microscope from Grandma Rise and Grandpa Billy. He'd been saving up for one, but when he finally had enough to buy the one he saw at Costco, they'd sold out. So when he saw the microscope, he was shocked. I think he kept saying, "Is that a microscope!? I got a microscope!?" Except he mispronounces "microscope" a little, making it all the cuter.  It kind of kills me that we don't have it on camera. He definitely ran and plopped himself on Grandma for a big, crazy hug... I love his hugs, but you do need some warning! haha

He also flipped when he got a chess set from Uncle Matt. We already have a family chess set at home, but to get his very own made him one ecstatic little dude, and I loved that he played chess with Uncle Matt that evening, "teaching him how to play," even though I'm pretty sure Matt already knew how. What a good sport Uncle Matt was to play student to him.

Juliette freaked out about Elsa stickers... so easy to please, that one! She is a Frozen fanatic with the best of them and I love her happy-go-lucky ways.

And Charlie was in heaven with the new balls he got and is always so much fun to watch.

Again, it made my day to see the kids give gifts that they'd bought with money they'd been saving. Cute little things from the dollar store mostly, but ever so sweet. We wrapped up the evening with an amazing meal, and went home feeling very blessed and full of love. Merry Christmas to all!
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