Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Indoor Portraits 2014

Thought I'd share these before I archive them (yes, I'm still catching up on blog posts from last year--sigh.) I can't believe how much my kids keep changing--I mostly see it in their teeth!

I think they're all finally bought into the concept that I will always, always love taking pictures of them, and I think this passion of mine might be rubbing off on them because this was such a fun, quick, easy shoot! They came up with their own poses; Isabella and Liam pulled out their little cameras and had their own photoshoot. We all just had a great time together with this one, and it was especially low stress for me because I didn't worry about outfits too much. Seriously, the sweater Juliette is wearing has been in at least two photoshoots before this one... ha! Come to think of it, there are multiple clothing items in these photos that I've used in pictures before. When it works, it works, right?

Isabella(9)2014-Storyboard Liam(6)2014-Storyboard Juliette(4)2014-Storyboard CoffeeShop Storyboard 16



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