Sunday, August 23, 2015

Germany Part 1: Arriving!

When Will and I were newlyweds, he promised me that we'd try and go visit my family in Germany every other year--such a huge financial commitment! And despite our growing family, thanks to him and skymiles, we've actually managed to just about pull it off! Thank you so much, babe!! It was extra fun to go at the same time as my sister Emma and her family this time. Such a great trip! And I must say, the kids were better than they've ever been on the plane!

IMG_7848Germany2015 ^^Here we are hanging out in the Toronto airport, waiting for our connecting flight to Frankfurt. I was blown away by the amenities in this airport. Let's just say, my kids were not bored with the complimentary tablets all over the place. IMG_7857Germany2015 ^^When we finally got to the little town of Malschenberg, where my parents live, my mom had a beautiful breakfast waiting for us. It was sooooo good to be home! IMG_7858Germany2015 ^^Charlie was so tired and confused as to where on earth he was! We kept cracking up at his little pouty face. IMG_7864Germany2015 ^^Immediately after breakfast, Liam got busy playing chess--he'd been dying to play Grandpa Tracy and Uncle Christian! IMG_7860Germany2015 ^^Although he does look like he's about to crash here! IMG_7865Germany2015

And here are some Insta's from the from our trek to Germany:

Germany, here we come!! The killer 12 hour flight went better than I thought it would! Charlie had his own seat, and the kids were in heaven watching movies on their individual screens. It was still long and hard but I can't complain! Getting his many wiggles out in Toronto. Chasing this little guy at the airport. Such a busy boy! Matching outfits for these cute cousins! Liam has gotten to play so many chess games since he's been here! And Uncle Christian has played a million other games with him too. We are having the best trip!

The very next morning at around 4am, Will and I (and Charlie) headed out for Venice with Emma&Jake! Eeek! We were so excited!



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