Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Germany Part 2: Getaway to Venice!

My parents and brother Christian were nice enough to watch all of the kids while we snuck away to Venice for about four days. A huge thanks to them! We decided to take Charlie with us since we'd just barely arrived in Europe... I didn't want to leave my mom with a jet-lagged and confused baby! He was really fun to have along, though. Such a good boy!

Anyway, Venice was nothing short of breathtaking! Everywhere I turned, I felt like taking a picture. Old buildings, bridges, waterways everywhere. It was surreal! I will always have amazing memories from this dreamy excursion. I'm pretty sure Emma and I squealed when we stepped out of the train station.

IMG_7896Venice2015 IMG_7872Venice2015 ^^Emma and Jake found us the cutest place to stay using Air B&B-- we loved it! Venice2015-21 IMG_8236Venice2015 Venice2015-11 IMG_7904Venice2015 Venice2015-10 IMG_7911Venice2015 Venice2015-9 IMG_8269Venice2015 IMG_7929Venice2015 Venice2015-8 IMG_7937Venice2015 Venice2015-7 IMG_8029Venice2015 Venice2015-6 Venice2015-5 IMG_8040Venice2015
^^I don't remember what was so hilarious... but I'm pretty sure it had to do with some footage Jake got of those birds...  I may have to come back and insert a story here. :)IMG_8062Venice2015 Venice2015-3 IMG_8128Venice2015^^^We'd just barely stepped foot in Venice and a group of students approached us. They were looking for volunteers to sing and dance for them for some survey they were conducting or something?? I honestly don't remember much more than that. Emma and Jake were the cutest sports about it! IMG_8142Venice2015 Venice2015-1 IMG_8187Venice2015 IMG_8230Venice2015 IMG_8249Venice2015 IMG_8293Venice2015 IMG_8169Venice2015 IMG_8349Venice2015



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