Thursday, August 27, 2015

Germany Part 4: Celebrating Liam at the The Karlsruhe Zoo!

We celebrated Liam's 7th birthday by taking the train to the Karlsruhe Zoo! My favorite part of this excursion was probably discovering this really neat outdoor library of sorts. People simply leave books they're done with inside this outdoor cabinet for the taking. So classy! It was so adorable to see how excited my kids were about this, too! "Free books!?" It didn't matter if the little ones couldn't read or the big ones didn't understand German... all that mattered was that there were FREE BOOKS! At the zoo!

And while it's a zoo with lots of animals to admire (giraffes were my fave), it's also a gorgeous European park with amazing landscaping and really cool playgrounds for the kids! As I walked through the zoo, I daydreamed and yearned to pick up and move to Europe so that I could go to zoos like this with my kids all the time. Yeah, that's never gonna happen, but it's fun to dream! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for treating us to such a amazing day!

And the biggest happy birthday ever to my Liam! He is such a good boy-- the best kind of boy! And I love him with all my heart. I think and hope he will always remember his birthday spent in Germany! Wish I had more pictures of him on my big camera from that day, but the screen on my DSLR shattered in Venice, and so I wasn't sure if it was even working at the zoo (luckily it was!). And that evening during the dinner festivities I'm pretty sure my DSLR was dead, so a few birthday phone pictures it is!

KTownZoo2015-4 IMG_8394Germany2015 KTownZoo2015-1 IMG_8605Germany2015 KTownZoo2015-3 IMG_8415Germany2015 KTownZoo2015-2 IMG_8442Germany2015 KTownZoo2015-5 IMG_8446Germany2015 IMG_8474Germany2015 IMG_8476Germany2015 KTownZoo2015-6 IMG_8492Germany2015 IMG_8596Germany2015 IMG_8503Germany2015 IMG_8535Germany2015 IMG_8589Germany2015
Liam has been pretty attached to his Uncle Christian since we've been here. My favorite is when Liam sits on Christian's bed and listens to him play his guitar. This morning I noticed Liam filming the whole thing on his little camera. 😍 I could Liam turned 7 today! I think he will always remember this special birthday celebrated in Germany with our family that we don't get to see nearly enough! I am so in love with my brown eyed boy. Happy, happy birthday. You light up our lives! Excited for his birthday dinner of hamburgers and French fries! We had such beautiful weather for our day at the Karlsruhe Zoo. The giraffes were my favorite. Such a fun way to celebrate Liam's birthday! Elephant watching. 🐘 He used to tickle my face with his pen when I was a little girl and now Juliette can't get enough of it. They are so cute together!



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