Thursday, August 27, 2015

Germany Part 5: A Day Trip to France

We had originally planned on taking a quick trip to Paris, but sadly, the logistics just weren't working in our favor. It's a super long drive and we would've had to cram Paris into one measly day-- Paris in one day? Just not possible! So, after some serious deliberation, we decided to scratch Paris, and we drove just over the border into Wissembourg, France instead... a much shorter drive, and a very cute little city that boasts a world-renowned bakery! (I still really want to take my kids to Paris someday day, though!)

But let's talk about Wissembourg. It was lovely and the perfect day trip for us considering all the little munchkins we had in tow. We very leisurely strolled throughout town... on the hunt for Reberts Cafe (the fancy bakery where we gave our taste buds the treat of their lives), ate a yummy lunch, strolled some more and then came home. I loved this day--Wissembourg definitely exceeded my expectations, plus it was fun to easily and inexpensively add another country to the places we visited on that trip. France, check!
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France Instas:
 We stepped inside France today...just over the border into a little town called Wissenbourg. It was such a cute town with a world famous bakery! The macaroons at Ruberts! I kept reminding Juliette that her name is French while we were in France today. It's not every day you get goodies from a world-renowned French bakery! Delicious is an understatement!



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