Friday, August 28, 2015

Germany Part 6: Fairy Day with Grandma!

Because of a photoshoot I had, I wasn't able to come to this most adorable event. But luckily my sister sent me some pictures of the kids' day with Grandma Lisa at the library she works at. Part of my mom's job is to come up with fun activities and events for the children at her library and she does an amazing job at it! It was so fun that it worked out for my kids to go to her woodland fairy day. They came home beaming. They were so anxious to show me all the neat things they had made. And isn't my mom the cutest woodland fairy you've ever seen? Such a fun grandma!

Proud fairy artists.❤️
I need a fairy emoticon!Fairyland!My beautiful mom had the girls come to work with her one day at the library for a fairy party they were having. They had soooo much fun!! I think they'll always remember this!



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