Friday, August 28, 2015

Germany Part 7: Happy 5th Birthday, Juliette!

We had another birthday while we were in Germany--Juliette turned 5! It worked out perfectly because this was Liam and Juliette's year to have a family party--and how fun for them to get to celebrate with their Germany family (this never happens!), as well as with some of their cousins!

It's breaking my heart that there are hardly any pictures from that day. :( Will and Uncle Jake took the kids swimming to celebrate during the day, while Emma and I stayed home baking a really cute kitty cake, and doing dinner prep. We made all types of crepes (per Juliette's request) and they turned out delicious! I could celebrate my darling Juliette Claire every day. She is such a happy, sweet, cuddly, and loving little girl with quite a bit of spunk! She loves to bake, and do gymnastics tricks, and she loves to be read to. She has brought more joy to my life in her five short years than I know how to express. I am so lucky she's ours. I love you to the moon, Juliette! Happy Birthday!

So much love for this birthday girl!
My sister @emma.vw makes crazy cute animal birthday cakes for her kids and was sweet enough to help me make a kitty cake for JuJu. It's harder than it looks, people!! As I began doing the piping, she said, "Now the trick to this is patience." Boy was that
Helping with the dishes! I wish I thought doing the dishes was this much fun!



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