Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Conference Weekend and Easter!

Easter snuck up on me as it was just days after we got home from our big trip to Germany! But it was an especially great Easter because General Conference fell on that weekend, which is something we look forward to so much. We do our best to focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ on Easter, especially Christ's resurrection, and conference truly added to the spirit of the season. We loved it!

And of course there was all the fun festivities! First off, hunting for Easter baskets Sunday morning.
Easter2015-8 Easter2015-9 ^^Apparently we have more baskets than kids floating around our house, so Liam was a little puzzled when he found (what he thought was) his basket completely empty! We got a good laugh out of that and told him to keep looking! The Easter bunny finds harder and harder hiding places each year. Easter2015-7 IMG_1149Easter2015 ^^Keeping up our homemade cinnamon roll tradition for conference! Yum! Easter2015-2 IMG_1367Easter2015 ^^Lots of love and snuggles for my brand new niece, Aeralise. What a beauty! Easter2015-11 IMG_1254Easter2015 IMG_1250Easter2015 Easter2015-3 IMG_1213Easter2015 Easter2015-5 IMG_1183Easter2015 Easter2015-6 Easter2015-10 IMG_1174Easter2015 Easter2015-1
^^And of course, the much anticipated Easter egg hunt at Grandma Rise and Grandpa Billy's! The kids LOVE how the eggs are full of change, and if they are lucky enough, they might just find Grandpa's golden egg!

PS. I forgot to bring their Easter baskets= Mom fail.



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