Sunday, August 30, 2015

Liam and Juliette's Family Birthday Dinner

As I mentioned before, Liam and Juliette turned 7 and 5 while we were in Germany, so when we got back, the family Easter dinner with Will's side of the family was also a birthday dinner for them! Easter eggs and birthday presents all in one day? These kids are so loved!
LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015-1IMG_1436LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015 LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015-4 IMG_1425LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015 LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015-3 IMG_1383LiamJujuBdayDinner2015 IMG_1403LiamJuJuDinner2015 LiamJuJuBdayDinner2015-2 IMG_1425LiamJuJuBday2015BW



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