Friday, September 25, 2015

Little Saints Soccer-Charlton on the Sidelines!

This little guy isn't old enough for soccer yet, but he loved going just as much as the rest of them! He loved kicking his ball around and sneaking onto the playing field... little stinker! He also got his picture taken a ton! I just couldn't help myself. I have a feeling Charlie is going to be a little soccer fanatic someday, if he isn't already!
LittleSaints2015-18LittleSaints2015-9 IMG_2986LittleSaints2015-C LittleSaints2015-10 IMG_2987LittleSaints2015-C LittleSaints2015-11 IMG_2989LittleSaints2015-C LittleSaints2015-12 IMG_2990LittleSaints2015-C LittleSaints2015-13 IMG_2992LittleSaints2015-C LittleSaints2015-14 IMG_3654LittleSaints2015-C LittleSaints2015-15 LittleSaints2015-C_2 LittleSaints2015-16 LittleSaints2015-17 LittleSaints2015-C_8 LittleSaints2015-20 LittleSaints2015-C_15 LittleSaints2015-19

Little Saints Soccer-Juliette

Out of everyone, I probably got to watch Juliette play the most, simply because she was my youngest player out there, and I didn't want to be too far away from her just in case she needed me. I love that all the kids play on the same night at the same field, and often at the same time, but it does make it hard to watch everyone. But anyway, Juliette was always smiling out there... often with her tongue sticking out. Her team was quite good and they had lots of wins this season too!
IMG_2954LittleSaints2015-JIMG_2963LittleSaints2015-J IMG_2967LittleSaints2015-J LittleSaints2015-J_2 LittleSaints2015-8 LittleSaints2015-J_4 LittleSaints2015-J_5 LittleSaints2015-J_6 LittleSaints2015-J_8 LittleSaints2015-J_9 LittleSaints2015-J_10 LittleSaints2015-J_11 LittleSaints2015-J LittleSaints2015-_1 LittleSaints2015- LittleSaints2015-7

Little Saints Soccer 2015-Liam

Liam's favorite sport is soccer and his team was often winning. It's fun to have a sport that our whole family loves so much, and Little Saints Soccer is especially family friendly. It's wonderful!
LittleSaints2015-L_1LittleSaints2015-6 LittleSaints2015-L_2 LittleSaints2015-L_3 LittleSaints2015-L_4 LittleSaints2015-L_5 LittleSaints2015-L_6 LittleSaints2015-L_7 LittleSaints2015-L_8 LittleSaints2015-L_9 LittleSaints2015-L_10 LittleSaints2015-L_11 LittleSaints2015-L_12 LittleSaints2015-L_16 LittleSaints2015-L_20 LittleSaints2015-L_21 LittleSaints2015-5 LittleSaints2015-L_22 LittleSaints2015-L_19



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