Sunday, April 12, 2015

Floral Crowns and Turning 33

I decided to get more involved with the online image of our flower shops through social media-- so exciting! Since then, I've taken a break from my little portrait photography business to focus on photographing flowers instead. While I think people will always be my passion, I'm truly in love with floral photography, too! And hey, I'm finding that flowers on people is quite magical!

So, on my birthday, all I wanted was to take pictures of my kids (my girls in flower crowns made by one of our very talented floral designers), and to not only get some pictures for our Williams Flowers Facebook Page, but also get pictures of my sweet children. Well, it turns out that the weather turned quite chilly and windy, so Isabella was the only one that lasted very long. I adore how they turned out of her and Juliette, though, and can't wait to hang some! As for the boys, this is a great excuse to take everyone out for pictures again soon... my heart is yearning for a brothers photo, as well as a current picture of the four of them together.

After this very short-lived shoot, we headed out for Thai food. Much to my surprise, the kids loved it! Simple, yet beautiful, this was a birthday I won't soon forget. Pictures of my kids bring me such joy! And for the record, 33 just might be my favorite age yet...

IMG_3421FlowerGirlWeb FloralCrown2015-2 IMG_3891FlowerCrownWeb FloralCrown2015-6 IMG_3616FloralCrownBWWeb IMG_3419FlowerCrownWeb IMG_3460FloralCrownWeb FlowerCrown2015-1 IMG_3466FlowerGirl2015BWWeb IMG_3471FlowerGirls2015Web IMG_3476FlowerGirls2015BWWeb IMG_3773FlowerGirl2015Web IMG_3604FlowerGirls2015BWWeb FloralCrown2015-4 IMG_3701FlowerGirl2015Web IMG_3616FloralCrownWeb IMG_3480FlowerGirls2015Web IMG_3891FlowerCrownBWWeb FloralCrown2015-3 IMG_3895FlowerGirl2015Web



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