Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fourth of July

Our 4th of July included so many great things: a festive breakfast, flag ceremony and bike parade with our church family, time with loved ones, the beach, crab fishing, excellent food and fireworks! It was a very full and happy day celebrating the birth of this country that we love!
IMG_13494thofJuly2015IMG_13234thofJuly2015 IMG_12894thofJuly2015 4thofJuly2015-2 IMG_14414thofJuly2015 IMG_14334thofJuly2015 IMG_14014thofJuly2015 IMG_13834thofJuly2015 IMG_13724thofJuly2015 IMG_13664thofJuly2015 IMG_13594thofJuly2015 IMG_13634thofJuly2015 IMG_13504thofJuly2015 4thofJuly2015-1 IMG_13264thofJuly2015



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