Friday, July 10, 2015

Swimming Lessons!

It's been a few years since we've had the kids in swimming lessons and it was such a great experience. They only did it everyday for a week, but I noticed a lot of progress in such a short time. Plus our good friends signed up for the same week, so we loved that. The kids also played quite a bit in Grandma Rise and Grandpa Billy's hot tub this summer, which has helped Liam and Juliette get way more comfortable in the water. Suddenly, they're putting their heads under and doing all kinds of crazy things. Liam is especially anxious to get back to swimming lessons. He really loved his teacher and wants to try to move up to the next level... maybe when soccer season ends, we can look into it. I can only handle one extracurricular thing at a time at our house!
IMG_1603SwimmingLessons2015Swimming2015-1 IMG_1564SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1560SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1590SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1555SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1542SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1528SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1524SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1515SwimmingLessons2015 IMG_1504SwimmingLessons2015 SwimmingLesson2015-2



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