Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Old Stomping Grounds: BYU!

Here are the last of the pics from our Allred Family Reunion down in Utah back in November. Mostly these are from when we visited BYU, but there are some other miscellaneous pics in here too! I should've done a better job of documenting the reunion, but I'm thankful for the pictures I do have. :)
UtahinNovember2015-14IceSkatingUtah2015-34 IceSkatingUtah2015-47 IceSkatingUtah2015-3 UtahinNovember2015-15 IceSkatingUtah2015-35 IceSkatingUtah2015-40 IceSkatingUtah2015-51 IceSkatingUtah2015-33 IceSkatingUtah2015-42 IceSkatingUtah2015-44 IceSkatingUtah2015-45 IceSkatingUtah2015-46 IceSkatingUtah2015-49 IceSkatingUtah2015-50 UtahinNovember2015-13 IceSkatingUtah2015-1 IceSkatingUtah2015-2

Pictures at Temple Square

A quick little photoshoot at temple square! Thanks for being our photographer, Will! I'm sad my dad isn't in any of these since he was there... I think he was watching all the grandchildren so we could get a few pics in. :) Such a sweet family I'm a part of. I cherish them!
IceSkatingUtah2015-24 copy UtahinNovember2015-17 IceSkatingUtah2015-19 copy UtahinNovember2015-12 IceSkatingUtah2015-23 copy IceSkatingUtah2015-14 copy IceSkatingUtah2015-25 copy IceSkatingUtah2015-9 IceSkatingUtah2015-8

Ice Skating in Utah!

In November we had a family reunion down in Utah with my side of the family and it was an absolutely wonderful trip! We loved everything, but I think ice skating was our favorite activity. We've never gone as a family before, so it was a first for our kids and they all loved it. I was so happy that they didn't seem to mind falling down. They'd just get right back up again, and before long were zipping all over that rink. Will and I still talk about how much fun we had, so much so that we've got another family ice skating outing on our calendar, although where we're going won't be nearly as beautiful of a setting as this outdoor rink in Salt Lake. Thanks, Mom and Dad for such an amazing day!

PS. Do I not have the cutest parents on the planet??
IceSkatingUtah2015-37UtahinNovember2015-11 IceSkatingUtah2015-2 IceSkatingUtah2015-4 UtahinNovember2015-9 UtahinNovember2015-1 IceSkatingUtah2015-6 IceSkatingUtah2015-10 UtahinNovember2015-2 IceSkatingUtah2015-14 IceSkatingUtah2015-15 IceSkatingUtah2015-1 UtahinNovember2015-10 IceSkatingUtah2015-20 UtahinNovember2015-3 IceSkatingUtah2015-22 IceSkatingUtah2015-24 IceSkatingUtah2015-28 IceSkatingUtah2015-36 UtahinNovember2015-4 IceSkatingUtah2015-29 IceSkatingUtah2015-31 IceSkatingUtah2015-33 UtahInNovember2015-5 IceSkatingUtah2015-34 UtahinNovember2015-8 IceSkatingUtah2015-35 UtahinNovember2015-7 IceSkatingUtah2015-38 IceSkatingUtah2015-39 UtahinNovember2015-6



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